Now, clubs and pubs oppose Zero Tolerance: “We cannot work in any way” – ADNSUR

The controversy that was unleashed in the Trelew Deliberative Council due to adherents of the salad —the vinegar issue— and the “drunk” desserts, as a result of the Zero Tolerance at the wheel ordinance project, now escalated into the night, a sector in the It is debated what is the allowed alcohol limit and if it is necessary to raise awareness so that there is a designated driver.

The owners of discos, breweries and pubs in Trelew They also reject the initiative of the ruling party of Zero Alcohol at the wheel, like the gastronomic ones. “We can’t work in any way”, sources from that area entrusted to ADNSUR.

From both sectors they will unify two requests to the councilors so that they leave the limit of 0.5% of alcohol behind the wheel as it is, and do not advance with a total restriction of consumption.

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as far as he could tell ADNSURthe councilors —who stopped the ordinance that was going to be approved this Thursday—, They will convene all sectors to discuss this initiative and come up with a definition that everyone is satisfied with.

“Zero Tolerance is a problem for the bowler but it is also a reality. What we are going to do is fight for the 0.5 blood alcohol level; we try not to be merely collection measures, but rather to generate an awareness policy,” said Mariano Hernando, member of the Hotel and Gastronomic Association.

The owners of bowling alleys and bars want the 0.5 tolerance limit for alcohol behind the wheel to continue in Trelew.  (Photo: EL CHUBUT archive)
The owners of bowling alleys and bars want the 0.5 tolerance limit for alcohol behind the wheel to continue in Trelew. (Photo: EL CHUBUT archive)

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This Saturday at 8:00 p.m. there will be a meeting of the owners of bowling alleys and pubs and gastronomic establishments in which They will not only deal with the rejection of Zero Tolerance, but they will also address issues related to security in Trelew and the alternatives that the sector will offer to tourists and residents.

This year, in the summer, the Trelew Deliberative Council approved an ordinance to implement decks in gastronomic establishments, located in a sector of the street next to the sidewalk cordon, which several businesses plan to implement starting in September.

As explained by Hernando, the idea is that restaurants, breweries, pubs and bowling alleys add proposals to offer various alternatives to tourists and residents who want to do something in Trelew.

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In the sector they understand thathe city has to recover the centrality that it lost since the major leisure and tourist activities moved to Puerto Madryn and other towns in the Valley.


On the other hand, the merchants will deal again this Saturday with the problem of insecurity in the center and specifically at night. One of the main claims is that there is continuous lighting in the center from Gales street to Julio A. Roca street, where all the nightclubs are located.

The other issue that they are going to insist on is the role of Justice in the face of the wave of crimes. A month ago there was a meeting at the Cicech with the authorities of the Regional Unit to seek joint solutions to put a stop to crime.

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The core of the conflict —according to the merchants— is not the security forces but the Justice with the minors who commit crimes, who are captured but later go free.

“In the center of Trelew we have security almost all day, with policemen from corner to corner. The problem we have is not the Police but Justice. They come in, the next day they come out, they continue committing crimes and nothing happens. There is a problem that is beyond us that has to do with national laws,” said Hernando.

After that meeting at the Cicech, the Municipality of Trelew managed security cameras before the national government, which will go down through the province, to place them in the “hot zones” marked by the crime map.

The Police and the Municipality also agreed to work together to reinforce the presence of patrol cars in the streets, with the collaboration of the Urban Guard.