New vegetable sandwich: another step in the evolution of fast food

More and more people are choosing plant-based products (Credit: Burger King Press)

According to him Taste Tomorrow studio, preference for food plant-based” (expression in English that describes foods that were produced without animal protein and only with vegetables), grew in Argentina by 51% in 2021. This is not only due to a bias towards veganism, but because a growing trend to choose to reduce the consumption of animal products.

Along these lines, Burger King Argentina presents the new King Vegetal, a proposal made from vegetables with 100% chicken flavor. The leading brand in grilled hamburgers adds this new member of its menu to its commitment to develop “intelligent food”, since more than 90% of its products are without preservatives, colorings and artificial flavorings and it promised to reach 100% this year.

“At Burger King Argentina we know that there is a growing interest from the population, especially from Argentine meat lovers who, although they are not migrating to vegetarianism, have decided to reduce their intake of animal protein and favor vegetable consumption at least a few days a week”, acknowledged Martín Márquez de la Serna, CEO of Burger King Argentina. The incorporation of vegetable-based products responds to this food preference that is consolidated year after year.

The King Vegetal does not contain animal protein (Credit: Burger King Press)
The King Vegetal does not contain animal protein (Credit: Burger King Press)

“With the Vegetable King we achieved the best result we could achieve in terms of quality and taste. The sandwich retains all the deliciousness that characterizes the traditional Chicken King, but made with vegetables. This launch responds to the initiative to maintain our leadership in the sector, offering innovative alternatives to our fans, with a focus on their new interests and needs”, added Márquez de la Serna.

The launch of the new King Vegetal is one more milestone within the framework of Burger King’s purpose of transforming the concept of fast food. “Leadership in food quality is promoted through two great programs: the first of them is called ‘Real Food for Real People’, through which we are transforming our food to be free of artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. We do this because we are convinced that what is real tastes better, and it is a way of reflecting with our products how authentic we are as a brand. The second program has to do with customer-focused innovations, where the incorporation of plant-based proteins comes to meet a food trend that is consolidated year after year”, stated Nicolás Iribarne, Marketing Director of Burger King Argentina.

To create King Vegetal, Burger King teamed up with NotCo, a high-tech food company that produces plant-based alternatives to animal-based food products. “Our alliance with Burger King is a cause for celebration and another big step along the path we have been traveling as a company. A new proposal that reinforces our purpose as a company of bring innovative plant-based alternatives closer to Argentines. With the King Vegetal, our latest development that maintains the flavor of the chicken, but is made 100% plant-based, we have achieved an exquisite version of the traditional and successful Chicken King. We invite everyone to try it and learn how rich and simple it can be to start changing our habits without changing the flavors that we have always enjoyed”, said Matías Latugaye, country manager of NotCo Argentina.

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