New chapter in the Piqué audio scandal: leaked a message from Sergio Ramos about a conflict in Spanish football

The message from Sergio Ramos to Gerard Piqué and the audio from the Barcelona defender to Rubiales

The audio scandal is shaking the foundations of Spanish football in recent days. The leaking of dialogues between the defender Gerard Piqué and the president of the Spanish Federation Luis Rubiales placed both personalities in an uncomfortable situation on the sports map. The Barcelona man intertwined his roles as businessman and player in his close relationship with the leader of the ball in his country.

After learning about three editions of audios touching on different topics that ranged from business to purely sporting situations, the newspaper The confidential shared another exchange between Piqué and Rubiales with Sergio Ramos as involuntarily involved.

In the new version of messages it was possible to read what the Daily Brand classified as a “betrayal” of Piqué to his teammate of the Spanish team Ramos: “Rubi, this is a message that Sergio Ramos has sent me. Keep it for yourself. Please keep it confidential.”.

There it is revealed that the 36-year-old defender contacted his colleague from Real Madrid to try to generate a movement against David Aganzoat the head of the Association of Spanish Soccer Players (AFE) – the players’ union – since 2017 when Luis Rubiales left the chair to go to the RFEF.

The audios correspond to May 2020, when Ramos was still the captain of the Meringue. “I know the relationship that Rubi and Aganzo have had and they were close brothers, come on, but everywhere together and so on. And what happens? That when Rubi presented himself for the presidency of the Federation, well, he put the other (Aganzo) in the AFE. What’s the matter? That each one, in the end, when he sees himself with a position, in a good position, and with power, because he wants to command in his own way. What’s the matter? That Rubi had three or four there in the AFE who told him everything, even when Aganzo was president. So he took them and threw them out. From there the war began and now he wants to kill it, because Rubi wants to rule in the Federation and in the AFE”, portrays Ramos in the first audio released by journalists Alejandro Requeijo and José María Olmo.

The emblematic player summarizes what is happening at the political level in a conflict that had Rubiales and Aganzo on each side: “So, this is also a very sensitive issue, Geri. And me with Aganzo, obviously, I’ve already told you, the relationship was correct and professional for belonging to the union and defending the interests of the players. But I don’t have anything with him either and after the ugly thing he did to me I have put the cross on him. I believe that this is not an issue of ours, it is an issue… Are we asking for the resignation of an AFE president who is really moving it is Rubiales? I don’t know, I think that here it’s their issue so that they can solve it among themselves”.

At that time, Sergi Ramos was at Real Madrid (Photo: Reuters)

That analysis in an audio of WhatsApp that Ramos did for Piqué quickly reached Luis Rubiales’ phone through the Barcelona player’s cell phone. Sergio’s criticism of the top manager of the RFEF fell into the hands of the president himself. In the contact, the Barcelona player who has been wearing the shirt of that club for more than a decade clarifies to Rubiales that this is only for him to hear and it is something “confidential”.

But it also reveals that tried to convince Lionel Messi to join the movement against the players’ union, but the Argentine – at that time the main reference of the squad blaugrana– refused to get involved in a convoluted issue. “The subject is a bit complicated because Leo does not want to lead any of this. None of these movements, he does not want to get involved and does not understand the circumstances of everything. He has told me he talks to those from Madrid to see what they say about this. And of course, Sergio sends me this and I’m a little bit now… Tomorrow I’m going to explain it to Leo, but I’ve talked to him on the phone, I’ve told him about the background. The guy was very grateful but from there to getting involved in something like that and leading it alone I don’t see it”, he clarified to Rubiales.

According to the Spanish media that released all these conversations, Rubiales was not pleased with what Piqué had done since he considered that the movement of pieces was hasty. “You don’t need to send me anything because it wasn’t the time to talk to Sergio in my opinion”I would have told him.

Piqué also recounted the movements he made to try to convince Messi (Photo: Reuters)
Piqué also recounted the movements he made to try to convince Messi (Photo: Reuters)

The entire saga of audios that the newspaper revealed The confidential began with a dialogue that left the discovered the business facilitated by Piqué and Rubiales for the Spanish Super Cup to move to Saudi Arabia. “A commercial issue has nothing to do with a field issue. I bring an opportunity to the RFEF. They go from taking 120,000 euros to 40 million. Are the referees going to whistle us better?”, Piqué defended himself minutes after knowing that journalistic report.

However, the new publications also exposed that the man from Barcelona asked Rubiales for help to be summoned to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics -finally he was not mentioned- and there he also tried to prevent Ramos from finding out about his move, with whom he shared the defense of the Spanish team for ten years. In another of the productions presented, you can see the dialogue between the two central protagonists of the scandal as a result of a complaint from the athlete for the use of VAR.

“I ask them to talk about the crime they have committed, which is barely being talked about. Who does this benefit? I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke… but I can’t guarantee that tomorrow they can put a sack of cocaine in my trunk. I’ve had a bad time because people have been harmed. Doesn’t it seem like a mafia action that they have stolen this from me with the interest of selling it to the press and damaging my image and putting some audios and not the answers? “, Rubiales defended himself in a press conference in full controversy.

The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales is in the center of attention (Photo: Europa Press)
The president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales is in the center of attention (Photo: Europa Press)


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