Mozzarella has competition and Argentina plays at home: the second Pan American Pizza Championship kicks off

Argentina is in the news again as the best pizza masters in Argentina and the American continent meet next June 6, 7 and 8 in the 10th Argentine Pizza and Empanada Championship and the 2nd Pan American Pizza Championship.The two most important pizza events in the field are organized by Apyce – an entity that brings together all the pizzerias in our country – currently chaired by Lorena Fernández. Both championships will be held within the framework of II FITHEP DEGUSTA 2022 – Pavilion 4 of Costa Salguero in hours from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.where the contestants will prepare and cook the pizzas/empanadas in front of the public using the ovens and utensils provided by the organization.

Who gets the distinction of “Great Argentine Champion” will be part of the Argentine APYCE team at the 2023 World Pizza Championship in Parma (Italy) representing our country and will obtain more than one million pesos in prizes from sponsors.

Apyce (Association of pizzerias and empanada houses of Argentina) is the organizer
Apyce (Association of pizzerias and empanada houses of Argentina) is the organizer

Between both championships there 150 competitors who will make 575 participations. Mexico, USA, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Uruguay, Peru, Paraguay, Haiti, Venezuela and Argentina participate. The venue will have a mega stage, giant screens, 12 ovens (10 gas, 2 wood), 18 floor judges, 3 (MEP judges responsible for supervising food handling) and 30 members of the honorable jury made up of journalists, chefs, cooks and local and international gastronomic references.

Technological innovation

II FITHEP DEGUSTA 2022 takes place in Pavilion 4 of Costa Salguero
II FITHEP DEGUSTA 2022 takes place in Pavilion 4 of Costa Salguero

At the same time, an application will be implemented for both competitors and juries, absolutely innovative since it does not exist in any other world championship, created by the organization to issue alerts of schedule / presentations of the participants, and for the jury to enter, perform the scoring of the different items evaluated, which speeds up operational and final data processing times.

Although the schedule of the three days is from 9 to 20, the categories that always attract the most attention are “Larger dough” Y “Acrobatics (Free style) which will take place on Tuesday from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. where at the end the award ceremony will be held, the “Argentine Champion” will be announced accompanied by a musical closing.

Free admission with free tastings and musical closure

Pizza fans are looking forward to the day as Apyce will be providing free pizza tastings throughout all three days of the championships, in addition to pizzas made by the competitors. The organization invites those interested in attending to register in advance to enter quickly by entering here.

The event that is with free admission has the support of “Pizza World Championship”, organizers of the World Pizza Championship (Italy), Country Brand (Argentina), with the accompaniment of Pizzaioli Italian School (Italy), the Federation of Pastry Workers of ArgentinaY FITHEP Taste .

It has important sponsors such as Harinas Le 5 Stagioni, Caracas and Gentleman ingredients, Tapas de Empanadas Mendia, Lácteos La Farfalla, Poyin Equipment, Hornos, Fiambres 214, Yeast Lesaffre, Café A Los Chinos, Beer Life Cervecería, Spices El Castillo , Levasaf (Lesaffre Argentina), Vajilla Volf, the Master Biga application, The Mila Company, Forja Multimedia, and Bodega Alfredo Roca, Hosteria Casa Puelo, among others.

They will be carried out:

– 2nd Pan American Pizza Championship

– 6th National Championship of Argentine Artisanal Ice Cream

– 5th Latin American Artisan Ice Cream Championship

– First National Championship of Artisanal Medialuna de Manteca and Artisanal Medialuna de Grasa

– First National Championship of Milanese and Genoese Artisan Sweet Bread

– First National Championship of Master Chocolatiers Cup Tronador.

– 10th Argentine Pizza and Empanada Championship

– 9th Argentine Master Pastry Chef Championship

– 11th Argentine Championship of Pastry Chefs


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