Miguel Borja and Pablo Solari: how was the debut in River of two strong bets by Marcelo Gallardo

The expectation was noticed from before the start of the match between River and Gymnastics in the Monument. The fans, who filled the capacity of the stadium, arrived with the certainty that, at least, Miguel Borja and Pablo Solari they were going to be on the substitute bench. And it was logical to imagine that two of Marcelo Gallardo’s three bets on the transfer market were going to have their first minutes with his new shirt. The other, Rodrigo Aliendro, was going to start… and the figure of the 1-0 win, the first after two defeats and a draw in the tournament.

“I was having lunch with my girlfriend when I got the call. The truth is that it was very exciting for me, for all that I have been working on. To be given this important step in my career it brought tears to my eyes, for the appreciation I have for the club and for what it means. I am very happy, it fills me with pride for my family and I hope to live up to the club, which is the most important thing, ”Solari, a self-confessed River fan, had expressed on the day of his presentation to the press. “For me playing in River is everything. I have a great appreciation for this club, because when I was little my dad instilled that in me. I am very proud of all the sacrifice I made to get here”, he added, in case anyone could have any doubt about what this moment means in his career. At the age of 21, after exploding in Colo-Colo de Chile, the young man who emerged from Talleres de Córdoba faces the greatest challenge of his incipient career.

Last night, Solari entered instead of Simón, when they were 17 minutes into the second half. Then, at 28″, the Colombian was also presented Miguel Borgia instead of Lucas Beltrán, author of the goal, who retired exhausted. At that moment, the Monumental returned a warm applause for both: the one who left, who had had a very good game, and the one who entered: at 29 years old, Borja began his journey in River with the weight of knowing the most important signing expensive on the market. River invested $11,500,000 in the current transfer market to acquire Borja and Solari, which cost 7 and 4.5 millionrespectively,

Solari was seen andincarador, determined, on the right wing, its natural habitat. He tried to overwhelm Nicolás Colazo every time he received the ball, and sometimes he succeeded. He even looked for Borja on a couple of occasions: on one, the Colombian shot outside and on the other, Rodrigo Rey covered his shot. Both, it was noted, had a hard time adapting to a very fast playing field, a characteristic of the Monumental, which is insignificant to no one, Even Beltrán, who recently returned from his loan from Colón, acknowledged after the game that he has to get used to playing there again: “The controls and the speed here are different”, said the scorer of the night, who had also scored against Vélez on Sunday.

Miguel Borja thanked “God for this opportunity to join a club like this.” ”I felt good and I was close to converting in my first match, but the Gimnasia goalkeeper covered me very well. It was his credit. I feel good since I arrived, because I also knew some colleagues from Colombia, as in the case of Agustín Palavecino. I also know Juanfer (Quintero) and Armani”, highlighted who came from Junior, from Barranquilla.

Relaxed, with a smile, the forward also talked about the sensations that went through him for being a local for the first time in a stadium that he had already visited with other shirts: “It’s a nice setting, the truth is that it’s something I imagined and it’s one of the most loyal fans in the country. The support of the fan is very important to gain confidence. That helps you and motivates you even more.” In injury time, he even raised his arms to the public, a request for more support while River tried to close an urgent victory in this stretch of the championship: now he has 12 points, seven less than Argentinos juniors and Atlético Tucumán, the leaders.

Pablo César Solari in action: his name is a tribute to Aimar, an idol of RiverTHE NATION/Mauro Alfieri

Regarding the characteristics of Argentine soccer, he expressed: “Everything is very intense. I believe that It is a more dynamic soccer compared to what is lived in Colombia. Little by little I am adapting, I am getting to know my teammates and they know me too”. In addition, regarding Marcelo Gallardo and his way of working, he expressed: “That was what motivated me to come. I am eager to continue improving every day and for that a coach like him is needed”, he acknowledged.

And how will it be his internal competition with Lucas Beltrán? “We need everyone to meet the goal of being champion. I congratulate him because he has been playing very good games. Against Vélez he made impressive wear and I am very happy for him ”, he praised his partner.

Solari, on the other hand, kept her emotions private after an unforgettable night. But there will be little time to celebrate his personal achievement: River’s agenda points to Aldosivi in ​​Mar del Plata, on Sunday from 3:30 p.m., as the next goal.