“Messi is everything”: Pep Guardiola’s deepest reflection on the Argentine star and why he compared him to Michael Jordan

Telemundo interview with Pep Guardiola, who talked about everything, but in particular about various topics related to Argentine soccer.

Pep Guardiola He is one of the coaches who knows the most Leo Messi and they both won it all Barcelona at a time that marked the history of football. The Spaniard again praised the Argentine crack, although he stressed that “it means everything in his career.” To describe what it was like to direct it, he even compared it to Michael Jordan.

Messi in my career means everything. It made me more competitive than my peers made me. He knows that there was a group of incredible players who helped him. I’m talking about the time when I had him, I’m not talking about before, after, Argentina or PSG, just the years I was with him. There was an impressive group of players”, he assured in an interview with the journalist Verónuca Brunati for Telemundo Sports.

“There were many stars at the right time, at the right age, perfect for everyone. We got together and it had to happen. It was number 10, the perfect age for Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, perfect slightly older veterans, young people, people who came to add and add. A once-in-a-lifetime chemistry was generated between all of them,” he added.

Telemundo interview with Pep Guardiola, who talked about everything, but in particular about various topics related to Argentine soccer.

“We won a lot, and without him we would have won, but how much? Impossible. Without wishing to compare myself, I I simply compare Messi with Michael Jordan. I felt like Phil Jackson when i had Michael Jordan. Because he (Jackson) had that ‘I’ve won six rings’ feeling, I’ve won too. How many difficult games we have had and when he (Messi) flowed and did (he made signs of dribbling), come home. We grab the plane and go for another (title). I always say that he has made us all good. I have to give him a bottle of wine because he has made me have good contracts, ha. I owe him a nice bottle of wine to thank him”, he analyzed.

As for whether Qatar 2022 will be his last World Cup, he replied: “Is it the last? I hope he arrives physically and that he trains a lot. I haven’t spoken to him after the Copa América, but I congratulate him. It must be something very difficult for him and being Messi. The World Cup remains for him and he will go for it”.

Telemundo interview with Pep Guardiola, who talked about everything, but in particular about various topics related to Argentine soccer.

And about how Leo’s way of playing changed, he assured that “you get older and the energy you have at 20 years old and without children is not the same. We all change and he has also changed and he has played millions of games in his legs, in his head and one readjusts. It is logical, as it should be. When he was 20/21 years old he had an energy that wanted to take on the world. He is now 35 years old.”

On the other hand, the Catalan strategist who is in charge of Manchester City, referred to other issues related to Argentine soccer and, as always, left rich concepts.

First time in Argentina. “I chose to go to Argentina for Marcelo (Bielsa) and Cesar (Menotti) and because he did not know Buenos Aires. And Marcelo, who very kindly invited me to his ranch. We spent two days chatting that I wish I could have recorded. But the important things remain and those that are not, leave”.

Gallant. “His way of playing on the diamond, of playing with two points. I really admire consistency over time. I can’t win in one day, or in two, winning a Libertadores must be so complicated. So much time watching players and being there. Recycle. I do not know him, I have never spoken (with Gallardo) in my life, I have not been to the Monumental, I have not seen games, therefore, I do not have a very clear analysis. But the fact that it’s been around for so long is that there’s something there”.

Telemundo interview with Pep Guardiola, who talked about everything, but in particular about various topics related to Argentine soccer.

Julian Alvarez.If we hire it, it is for us and if we hire him, it means that he has the potential to play with us, to be a ‘9’ of scandal and that when it’s in the goal it smells like a goal and the goal is worth a lot of money, and it cost money, and what players in Europe are paid for. They saw it as an option now and as an opportunity for the future. Next year will be in preseason, for sure. I learn from the players and I want to see him on the pitch, with his teammates, with what we want to do. If we are not convinced of this, we would not have signed. If not we would have the money in the bank and see what we would do with it. Let’s see, from South America to Europe, it may cost more, but we have exceptional reports of the boy and in the end he has that feeling of short space, of how he defines, it is very difficult to find”.

Sergio Aguero. “Sergio gives that feeling of pachorra, of given, but he is a very smart player. What he did in England is second to none. With Sergio there is a before and after in this club (Manchester City). They can make statues, but theirs is a tad taller. He scored the most important goal, which was to break ‘centuries’ of not winning a Premier. I’m not a fan of statistics, but I am a fan of goalscorers. And he was injured for a long time in recent years and was not in full seasons. He wasn’t brought up for our go-and-press way of the game, but I admired him because he gave it his all. His pressure is not that of Gabriel Jesús, that of Phil Foden, but with his maximum, it was enough for me. People are very aware of what he has done. And hopefully, although his career ended very young, unfairly and in an unwanted way, he doesn’t forget what he did in English football. He is the most important Argentine who passed through football in this country”.

Offer of the Argentine team and River?They didn’t score me from River or from the Argentine team. The Argentine team has to be led by an Argentine. That we speak the same language, the same sense of life, food, being with many people, we love both countries and I feel very comfortable with Argentina, since the time of Jorge Valdano, Angel Cappa, Cesar Menotti, Marcelo Bielsabut I am going to go on vacation to Argentina”.

Telemundo interview with Pep Guardiola, who talked about everything, but in particular about various topics related to Argentine soccer.

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Because it’s all a big lie about football. That experience, if every day a new one is born. The one that served you yesterday no longer serves you today. I tell the players, in the Champions League final, Liverpool 0-3 at half-time in Milan, and Milan had the most experienced team, what do I know. In 20 minutes, 3-3. The enthusiasm of the young people, Scaloni, Aimar, gave him what that group needed. Enough, it worked. Why? Because it is a mystery.

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“The fact of winning the Copa América in any group gives you a feeling of ‘we did it’ and I’m sure that will help in the World Cup. I haven’t seen much of Scaloni’s team, but they haven’t lost for a long time and that feeling that you’re winning and not losing is giving you strength and unbeaten strength”.


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