Matador: Mauro Boselli returned to the place where he was happy in search of glory

In the “Olympus” of the own gods that Students have, without a doubt, there is a place very specially kept for Mauro Boselli. As a good striker that he is, a true “nine”, he lives off goals, and in that he is relentless.

Last Tuesday it reached the mark it had held since 1971 Juan Ramon Veronbecoming the top scorer along with the “Witch”in the Copa Libertadores with the white shirt.

That great goal that he converted at 13 minutes and 40 seconds of the second half in the arc of 57, will not be one more. It is that he had stayed at the door to reach Juan Ramon in 2010, and as he said at the time of the statements, “I was waiting for this goal, it was an individual goal that I had”. And it came, but not just any day, it had to be “that” day.

2021 was a very complicated year for Boselli Personally, not so in sports where he did well playing in Cerro Porteño de Paraguay. The scare due to the accident of one of his first daughters, and last September the death of his mother, mobilized him to want to return to Argentina immediately. He even had 1 year left on his contract in Paraguay, but he decided to terminate it to return.

It started with a hat-trick: On March 19, 2009, Mauro scored three goals in a 4-0 win (the rest was scored by Enzo Pérez) against Deportivo Quito of Ecuador. In that match, Alejandro Sabella also made his debut as Pincha coach. Boselli marked the first three.

Ever, Dona Tota he told his son, Diego Maradona: “Fluff, when you feel bad, go where they want you”. Y Boselliat the moment of greatest sadness for the death of his mother, he did neither more nor less than that…

At the end of last year he decided to return to the Club where he identified a lot, where he was happy and whom he never forgot. He did not look for La Boca, nor for clubs in Spain, England, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, nor Paraguay where he knew how to play… he went to La Plata, to Estudiantes.

It is that from their social networks there was always a video remembering their conquests with the Student shirt, a message, a greeting, an emotion.

The fan always loved him and recognized him. The link was never severed, therefore, the right place was Estudiantes, and that is why he never hesitated to start his third cycle wearing Pincha’s.

His mother, Viviana Roccaalways accompanied him mauro in every game he played at Pincha in his first two stages. What’s more, they were together on the night of the reopening of the 1 and 55 Stadium, in November 2019. The soccer player’s sister also has a very close relationship and together with her mother they accompanied mauro to everywhere.

Boselli He did not hesitate to return to be happy in the place that has so many beautiful memories, sports and family. With his wife they live quite close to the Country Club where he goes to train every day, his daughters play hockey at Pincha, and he looks happy, showing that he is where he wants to be.

Today, at 36 years old (on May 22nd he will turn 37), the striker is going for more, because while he is making international history with his goals, in the local tournament he is the top scorer in the championship with 9 goals (only 1 of penal).

But since the competition is just beginning and three dates were played, he still has games left to continue writing his own story. The footballer himself sees it and feels it like this: “I am lucky to have more games to continue growing the brand. The surname Verón is synonymous with Students and it is a great pride to have achieved it”assured the student scorer referring to the brand that he had held since `71 Juan Ramon.


Juan Ramon Veron he converted 13 goals in Libertadores between 1968 and 1971, and totals 19 in international tournaments.

But if we talk about numbers, those of Boselli they are awesome too. With the goal against Bragantino, mauro he reached 250 goals in his career, but if we speak only in the Pincha, he reached 70 screams, of which 18 are in international competitions, one of them well remembered for having done it in nothing more and nothing less than in the final of the Club World Cup against Barcelona of Spain.

But let’s go to those 13 cries in the Copa Libertadores, a competition so special for the red-and-white fan.

It all started in the 2009 Edition of the Cup, in the Group Phase against Deportivo Quito at home on March 19, where he started scoring 3 goals.

Already in the Round of 16, on May 7, they made 2 against Libertad de Paraguay, also at home.

His most important goal: On July 15, 2009, Estudiantes defeated Cruzeiro, in Brazil, 2-1 and won the Copa Libertadores de América. That night, Mauro Boselli scored the second goal for León (the first was made by Gata Fernández), with an unforgettable header.

In the Semifinal against Nacional de Uruguay, on June 1, he scored 2 while playing as a visitor.

In the Final, on July 15, he scored 1 against Cruzeiro from Brazil, also playing outside our City.

In the 2010 Edition of the Libertadores, for the Group Phase, on February 11, he scored 3 against Juan Aurich from Peru, playing at home.

Meanwhile, on March 23, he converted 1 to Bolívar from Bolivia, also in local condition.

In this 2022 Edition for the Group Phase, the last Tuesday with the goal against Bragantino from Brazil, reached the historical mark of Juan Ramon Veron.

At the gates of the record: In the 2010 edition of the Libertadores, Boselli scored his 12th goal in the Cup, one behind Juan Ramón Verón. It was on March 23, 2010, at home, in the 2-0 win against Bolívar from Bolivia. The striker converted the second.

Destiny wanted, or not, that this goal number 13 to become the top scorer in the Libertadores, was on a very special day. It had to be April 26, not a day before or a day after, and the Boselli He explained it emotionally after the victory against the Brazilian team and while the fans in the Stadium celebrated and applauded him. “Today was my mom’s birthday, who I lost a few months ago. It was her first birthday without her. It was beautiful to make this goal because I know that upstairs, she is enjoying herself a lot”, he said, that’s also why his look and his fingers pointing to the sky in the celebration. And nobody has doubts that it was so…