Marco Ruben has the ball in his possession: is he still in Central?

The phrase of Marco Reuben minutes after the match against Independiente had finished, it had a significant impact on Central. “I’m following these two games and then we’ll see”, the scoundrel scorer threw out what will happen to his future, questioning his continuity in Arroyito, although the question also focused on whether he would not continue in Central or directly hang the boots. The truth is Reuben decidedly installed a theme of which in Central It was already being talked about, with speculations that are not the best. It is that in the rogue environment for a few weeks now it is speculated that the remaining matches to be played in the League Cup would be the last of Framework with the Central shirt.

It was never quite easy to know what he thinks Marco Reuben when it comes to continuity or contract extension and this time is no exception. It is that the attacker usually keeps his decisions in reserve and from his inner circle they are handled in the same way. Despite that, several days ago the feeling was that Reuben he was going through his last days at the club, even before he made those statements.

It is important to note that Reuben He renewed his contract at the end of last year, but with some items clear enough that he could be surprised by any particular decision on the part of the player. One of them, without a doubt the most important, has to do with the review of the situation that the Reuben in the middle of the year, seeing if he felt like continuing, how he was physically and, why not, depending on the football situation the team was going through.

For this reason, in that signing of the new bond it was always clear that in mid-2022 the player was going to evaluate the context, but fundamentally his particular situation.


Marco has just converted against Rojo and his teammates go to meet him to hug him.

Leonardo Vincenti / The Capital

For the rest, there is a lot of speculation that moves satellite to the subject, but they are still just that, simple speculation. A couple of days after the game against Independent and already with his statements on the table, someone of great weight in Central He confided in Ovación that “what he said is something that Marco has been thinking about for a while.” That voice, which lives day by day in dry Creeknoted that “For many it may have been a surprise what he said, but it is a possibility that he had been analyzing”. But in the same way he stressed that despite his long career and knowledge of the world of football, what happened before the match with the visit of the bar to training distressed him a lot and that at this point in his life he was not to live situations of this type.

From the leadership itself there have already been some formal requests for it to continue for at least six more months, but they did so in a friendly manner rather than within the framework of a negotiation. is that everyone knows that Reuben He is a person who meditates a lot on his decisions and who always acts based on his feelings.

The mere fact of having become the historical scorer of Central in professionalism and even with the goal against Rojo he managed to become Rosario’s top scorer, he had put Framework in the seat of absolute idol and with what he has done in this last year he further enhanced his figure, without anyone being able to stand in front of him to discuss any decision about his career.


According to the suppositions that there are today in Central, Marco would play against Estudiantes his last game in the Gigante.

According to the suppositions that there are today in Central, Marco would play against Estudiantes his last game in the Gigante.

Sebastian Suarez Meccia / The Capital

At 35 years old, Reuben he knows that sooner rather than later the moment of his retirement will come, but only he knows what he will do with his life in case he decides not to continue in Central. This has to do with some other speculation that was also made (and is made) regarding the possibility that he leaves Central, six months or a year to go elsewhere (outside the country, since several times Reuben He said that in Argentina the only club he will play for is Central) and in a very short time return to retire in the club of his loves. Those who handled that chance did so arguing that the 9 considers that the physique gives him and he can aspire to play a little while longer. But what has been said, is simply one of the many speculations out there. In any case, in this sense, some voices were also heard indicating that “it is difficult for that to happen”, especially because “Marco no longer needs it”.

Moreover, in the midst of so many conjectures there is one that is related to the political issue. It is known that in October there will be elections in Central and, as usual, the mood is more altered than usual. Someone commented in passing that “Marco doesn’t really want to go through the upcoming electoral process”, even knowing that “everyone (the ruling party and the opposition) want to have him in the club”.

The possibility that Reuben says goodbye in the middle of the year and that the match against Estudiantes would be the last at the Gigante (in a few days the match for the Copa Argentina will be played, against Sol de Mayo) there are many and in Central they know it. For this reason, coach Leandro Somoza let those close to him know that if that happens, they will be faced with the need to go in search of a 9. “Obviously they are already thinking about that and if Reuben chooses to put an end to his career, the leadership knows that a player would have to be found in that position, ”they said.

A few weeks before the end of the participation of Central in the semester, the continuity of Reuben it became an agenda item. The truth is that no one but Marco knows what will happen.