Marcelo Gallardo: a furious message that brings calm and confidence to River

Vehement. Categorical. Sanguine. self-critical. Argumentative. Hot. Marcelo Gallardo angry is the most sincere. And his word has such great weight that it is as important as a sports result. The coach angry tone at the press conference this Tuesday he bathed the world in calm Riverinternally and externally. It brought calm, confidence. With a back that perhaps no one else has in Argentine football, the Doll aligned all the parties under his leadership to plant a flag of optimism that days ago did not seem to wave. He used his powerful voice to still the waters. And now the short-term future seems to have another expectation. Other color.

“I was surprised by a certain expectation that was generated by a simple conference. I did not speak in the last games and it was up to me to announce myself to talk and answer questions from you. If someone came with another expectation or desire to look for something else, I am afraid to warn them that they will leave disappointed”. Gallardo’s first words at the press conference at River Camp were final. Despite the rumours, he was far from being in contact with the press to announce any issue related to his future. His intention was clear: download a crude and direct message, with moments of obfuscation and reliefbut with healing overtones and a marked conceptual clarity.

One of the sections of the press conference

After difficult days between the elimination by the Copa Libertadores, the irregular performance of the group, some sparks in a hectic internal climate and a series of bad results that made noise, the DT had suspended the last three conferences in the Professional League: he did not speak publicly after the defeats against Huracán and Godoy Cruz and the 2-2 on Sunday against Vélez. But his initial message on Tuesday defuses all speculation: “There is no crisis here”. Spot.

After many years, we have not met the objectives of the semester. We recognize the shortcomings that we had in the assembly of the campus and the functionality of the team. Offensive and defensive. But we are far from that, for that reason, they have to put together false comments with extra-football issues. There is no crisis here, they will not find itGallardo asserted. And he added: “The people of River, who always want to win, felt the disappointment but they don’t get carried away, they don’t get confused by certain internal or external things that seek to destabilize us. And when I say “internal” it is because They want to make believe that things come out of the inside, that they don’t come out of there. We have to continue working and demanding, accepting to be demanded as well. Imagine if Maidana, Pinola, Pérez or Casco did not accept being demanded… would they be here? Nope”.

Thus, the coach sent a message to the campus on the day after day of work: it is time to redouble efforts. To push forward by increasing the commitment, the desire and the will to twist history. Now without the figures of Julián Álvarez and Enzo Fernández, but with renewed airs due to the return of Lucas Beltran and the arrivals of Rodrigo Allendro, Miguel Borgia Y Paul Solari, which were subsequently presented by President Jorge Brito. Now, for the Doll, the mission is to measure up again. Fighting in the championship in which he managed just 9 points out of the first 24. Rebuilding himself to be a two-time champion of the League is the goal. And then the time will come to analyze the future. Because the door to a possible continuity was left ajar. No definitions.

My permanence was built over many years and does not depend on one or two bad results. We have built something more solid. I am firm and convinced in bad times of where I should go. If we don’t fight in the championship, I will leave the best possible structure to have something solid when it comes to starting again. My projection is that: take care of these moments. It’s three and a half months to work. Until the last day of my contract I will always be prepared to give the best solutions to the team”, signed the DT. And he continued: “To those who don’t love meno matter how much they have determination to want to say or do things to destabilize meand no matter how much we lose, I tell them that I will be convinced until the last day. I understand that it bothers my permanence when the results are not given, but, in a society in which everything is destroyed quickly, it has to be seen as a merit, not as a safeguard. And I don’t speak for myself; I speak for all the coaches.”

More phrases from Gallardo before journalists

Gallardo knows that its continuity will be a central theme in River with a view to December 31, date on which your bond will end. But today there are other crucial edges in which the technical director deepens to focus and improve. And his messages abroad at the conference had various recipients: referees, managers and coaches.

“Some things surprise me. There are cameras to take if you are angry, if you laugh, if you make a face… and today the referees have the chance to see what they want. They should be less wrong. They trained a lot, they have the cameras, the basics… and they keep on erring. But not only with River: with all the teams. In Aliendro’s expulsion, the error was tremendous: he was looking at the play and did not step on it. You can’t be that wrong”, criticized the Doll. And he crudely opined on his crossing with Nicholas Lamolina: “I overdid it, but it wasn’t an insult. Who here hasn’t once said “bol…” or “pel…” at a time like this? When they mess up so badly, he takes you out. I am temperamental. In my life I am like that. I have those answers. They don’t make me proud, but they define me. Y I’m wrong like everyone”.

The forcefulness of River’s DT in his word in Ezeiza

There was more. Gallardo doubled the bet. And he went directly against the leaders of national soccer for the times of the projects. “When I talk about times, I talk to the directors of other clubs. Football is not magic, so you sit down, change a few things and that’s it. The conviction must be real. Me I propose that, when a coach is hired, if he is not sustained over the course of the contract year or years, that the person responsible for the election also leave. Think about what that would be, ”she shot.

The press conference didn’t have any flashy announcements, but it did pack a punch. The rudder hold is remarkable. The DT appeared convinced, strong, safe. He pointed to all fronts. He acknowledged mistakes and problems to be corrected. And he brought a mantle of confidence and calm for the fight for the League in which River has not yet gained a foothold. His voice has such power and influence that with a tone of fury it can bring peace.