Mar del Plata out of season: there are 6 new and ‘secret’ restaurants

Mar del Plata It has it all, and more and more. To its classic restaurants, endless beaches, walks through the woods and getaways to Sierra de los Padres or Chapadmalal, they continue to add new proposals or renovated classics that make there is always something to discover in the city.

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From a French bistro to a family festival at Victoria Ocampo’s summer home, these are the 7 must-sees to enjoy La Feliz out of season.

1 – The new one: Dinette (Alvarado 1702)

With an increasingly international profile, now Mar del Plata also has a French bistro. Dinette is the brainchild of cook Sabrina Miossec -a member of Lucullus- who was born in the city of Tours (France) and moved to Argentina at the age of 25.

It is enough to cross the door to notice that it is a differential proposal: lThe vintage floors, the open kitchen and the stained glass on the ceiling. Among the patisserie, there is no shortage of French classics: a variety of tartelettes, macarons, croissants and pain au chocolat.

However, at noon there are also unmissable savory dishes such as the soupe l’oignon (onion soup with herb oil, croutons and Gruyre cheese) and the Croissant Avocat Benedictine (with creamy avocado, pickled red onion, poached egg, bacon and hollandaise sauce).

2 – The one from 100 years ago: Jorgito (September 11, 3714)

In the old area of ​​Nueva Pompeya, near the train station and the new bus terminal, Jorgito Grill It is the great must-see for lovers of time travel. In this “traditional bohemian corner” -as the menu indicates- everything seems to have stopped in 1921, the year it was inaugurated as a warehouse with a beverage outlet.

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Through the images and posters that hang on its old walls, it is possible to reconstruct part of the history of Rojo de Avellaneda and the Radical Civic Union. The menu is simple and never fails: charcoal grill -the specialty is the asado banderita- and empanadas with knife-cut meat. A place off the beaten path to discover and join the gastronomic tour in Mardel.

3 – The 100% renovated classic: Torren del Monje (Paseo Jesús de Galindez s/n)

The Monk’s Tower it is a cone of the city. However, his cuisine did not have a true marine identity until the arrival of chef Federico MuroJust a year and a half ago. In addition to being from Mar del Plata and a cook, Federico is a fishermanTherefore, since he took over as executive chef, the focus has been on ensuring that the Torren’s privileged view of the sea is also reflected in the imprint of the dishes.

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Today, the proposal is centered on the catch of the day -they work with artisanal fishermen- and local products -85% of the menu is kilometer 0-, with a wide variety of wines to accompany. At the moment, the restaurant is only open during the day for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

4 – The inn behind closed doors: The one you grew up at (Bolvar 4331)

Unlike most restaurants behind closed doors in which the proposal points to exclusivity, this is an inn of homemade and abundant meals full of flavor. Every week, chef Leo Santacroce offers a different four-step menu (welcome + starter + main + dessert + drink at $2,500) that combines traditional dishes with modern techniques.

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In general, there is always an international recipe that brings originality to the menu, such as goulash with sptzle or Greek moussaka, which are combined with traditional preparations such as homemade lasagna or ossobuco with Malbec. With prior notice, it is possible to adapt the proposal to a vegetarian version and/or without tac.

As it is a closed-door room, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance at (0223) 600-5398.

5 – The International: Asian Ghetto Cantina (San Lorenzo 2991)

In little more than two years -and a pandemic in between- Asian Ghetto became the favorite of influencers and foodies in Mar del Plata. Although there are many reasons, the main ones are two: your tasty asian food with great care of the product, led by Eugenia Krause; and his practically unique wine list in the citywith the imprint of the sommelier Victoria Ortemberg.

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Recently, Eugenia had a Peruvian cylinder – originally brought to Peru by Chinese immigrants in the late 1800s – made to cook her already mythical lacquered pig. After marinating the bondiola with spices for a week, they hang them over the coals in this kind of street oven and cook them at a very low temperature for 6 hours. During this period, they are taken down and painted again with the marinade before continuing to cook in the drum to achieve lacquer. this pig is the stuffing of their baths and the protagonist of the tontoksu ramentwo safety pins on the menu.

6 – The cultural: Chauvn (San Luis 2849)

A microtheatre, a soundroom, a cinema, a convention room and a rest bar in one place: the Chauvn space is the grand opening culture of the year in Mar del Plata. The architecture and design of the room are the product of a joint project between the MPMC studio (Mariani Pérez Maraviglia Caadas) and the architect with a doctorate in acoustics, Roberto Daniel Ottobre.

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With a distinguished acoustic treatment, it was conceived so that the artists and the public can live a unique experience in the city. Currently there more than 6 works on billboard to which are added musical and children’s shows during the winter holidays. Consult the complete program in this link.

yapa – Winter Festival in Villa Victoria (Matheu 1851)

The Villa Victoria cultural center is one of the typical walks in Mar del Plata out of season. Beyond touring the Victoria Ocampo’s summer house and learn more about the personality of the writer, it also offers shows and talks throughout the year.

On the occasion of the winter holidays, Villa Victoria, the Roberto T. Barili Municipal Historical Museum Archive (Villa Miter) and the Torren del Monje are venues for the Winter Festival, with a children’s and youth book fair and activities to enjoy with the family . I knew the complete programming in this link.