Lionel Messi uses them at PSG and they are all the rage in France: the stickers they make at Haedo and are used all over the world

A week ago, Lionel Messi became champion of France with Paris Saint Germain. Although the celebrations were measured (the great objective was the Champions League), there was time for an intimate celebration in which a detail went viral: the stickers that the captain of the Argentine National Team has stuck on his cell phone, a map of the Argentine Republic and the classic number 10 that the national team wears.

After the fury that this peculiarity generated, it was quickly learned that the manufacturers of these decals are an Argentine family that lives in Haedo and it was the same Antonella Rocuzzo who wrote to them on Instagram to place the order.

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Without hesitating for a second, they got to work and arrived in a timely manner to fulfill the order. “We worked all morning and went in person to Rosario to deliver it,” said Jerónimo, one of the manufacturers, excitedly. TN and The People.

The photo in the PSG locker room that went viral

In the photo in question you can see four Argentine players from the squad: Messi, Angel Di Maria, Leandro Paredes and Mauro Icardi.

Paredes was in charge of publishing the image on his Instagram account. There you can see all four of them. Two of them (Messi and Icardi) with a bottle of beer.

The detail of Messi’s cell phone (Photo: IG @ leoparedes20).

You can also see Messi’s phone, which has a very particular cover: the already mentioned map of Argentinawith the albicelestes colors, and the number ten. More Argentine, impossible.

How the decals got to Messi’s cell phone

On December 26, Jerome was at the movies with his girlfriend. Near the end of the movie she vibrated his cell phone. He had received a notification on Instagram from his company account, which is called Tema Calcos.

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When he read it, he couldn’t believe it: the message was from Antonella Rocuzzo. “Hello. I feel like place an orderbut we have a few days to spare before we leave again, and I wanted to know approximately how long it takes to make the stickers, “Messi’s wife wrote.

The message that Antonella Rocuzzo sent to order them.  (Photo: Tracing Theme).
The message that Antonella Rocuzzo sent to order them. (Photo: Tracing Theme).

On the other end of the phone, Jerónimo was trembling. He finished the film, left the theater and contacted the rest of the family to tell them that they had a very special request.

“We couldn’t believe it. Immediately, I replied that I we could deliver before they went back to France. She answered me at the touch and we agreed the delivery for the December 28th. We work all morning to arrive on time”, he recalled.

The delivery of the order at the player's house in Rosario.  (Photo: Tracing Theme).
The delivery of the order at the player’s house in Rosario. (Photo: Tracing Theme).

Antonella asked him for movie stickers, mostly from Harry Potter, for the boys. As Jerónimo’s family is very fond of soccer and a fan of Messi, they devised other copies with images such as the number 10 seen on the player’s cell phone.

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With everything finished, they traveled to Rosario to deliver the order and with the hope of seeing Antonella and Messi in person. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t meet them because they were with coronavirus. So, we had to leave the package at the entrance. But it doesn’t matter, just the same it was worth the effort we did”.

A few days later, they received another message from Antonella thanking the work and showing the decals that he had pasted on his phone: “Hello! Thank you very much for all the stickers. I filled iPads and cell phones”wrote.

Antonella's message thanking the stickers.  (Photo: Tracing Theme).
Antonella’s message thanking the stickers. (Photo: Tracing Theme).

Although Antonella insisted on paying, Jerónimo and his family did not charge her for the work. “How are we going to charge Messi? That never crossed our minds,” Jerónimo said.

Who acted as a bridge for Antonella to reach the tracings

A little before Antonella made her request, Jerónimo contacted María Sol, Messi’s sister, who bought several stickers to decorate his thermos.

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After the delivery of the order to the Messi, Jerónimo received a message from María Sol. “He wrote to me and put: ‘Hey, I recommended them’. I suppose that since they spent the Holidays together, Antonella must have seen the tracings that she had in the thermos, she liked them and she wrote to us”.

family business and the workshop works in the background of his house in Haedo. Jerónimo works there, and his brother Mateo, who graduated as a graphic designer and is the founder. The boys’ father is the one who makes the deliveries, but each member collaborates.

They live in Haedo.  (Photo: TN and People).
They live in Haedo. (Photo: TN and People).