Lionel Messi, the unexpected guest of a children’s birthday in Rosario: the story of an unforgettable afternoon

“Seño, seno, did you see who is? It’s Messi!” They saw it and, although innocent and free from cholulism With their young ages, they could not believe it. The children, most of them between 4 and 7 years old who participated yesterday in a children’s birthday party in Rosario, could not believe when they saw that one of the guests was Leo Messi.

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The organization of the event was in charge of Ana Paulaleader of the animation group “Choke the 5”, who told behind the scenes of Lionel Messi’s visit to the birthday of one of the children of Paula Roccuzzo, one of Antonela’s sisters.

Ana Paula does not understand how the only photo that her working group took with Messi or, better, that Antonela Roccuzzo took with Lionel (“Put on, I’ll take you out”, Rosario told them), it is already viral on the networks. “I don’t understand how it happened but my phone is blown up. I didn’t even upload it to our business networks,” the woman said in dialogue with TN and confessed: “It’s so unexpected what happened with this, that my body trembles.”

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What is it like to organize a birthday in which one of the guests is Lionel Messi?

-I’m honest: we went to an event that was for a relative of his. We organize a child’s birthday and take the event with the same seriousness and appreciation as any other.

How did the Roccuzzo family come to you?

-We have a person in common. A mother of a classmate of my son who had asked me on a couple of occasions to do a birthday and I did not have dates, but this time he was available and we were able to carry out the event.

Did they put any conditioning on you in the framework of protecting the intimacy of the event?

-No not at all. They did not put conditions or requirements on me. We coordinate as with any other birthday: the place of the celebration, the theme, the time of the event, I selected my work team and that’s it. of course after It had the particular seasoning that Messi, his children and his family were there.

Did the impact surprise you?

-I’m shaking. I did not expect this. From the moment that Antonela’s sister hired me she knew who they were, but not that they were going to come and I worked like any other resident of the city of Rosario.

Lionel Messi, the guest who revolutionized a children’s birthday organized by “Choke the 5 events” (Facebook).

And how was the birthday celebration with Messi and his family as guests?

-Everything went normally. It was a childish birthday of the many that we usually do, but Today I fall into what his figure implies because since I woke up my phone has exploded, my body trembles.

Did you know that Leo, Antonela and their children could be present? Did they warn you?

-I knew Antonela could be with the kids. It was an opportunity for the family to meet with the Messi, who are not usually there. So she knew she was going to be but not Leo. She did not have confirmation that she was going to attend, but the moment he arrived at the salon they told me and with my work group we talked to handle ourselves with total normality, as with any other birthday.

And were you tempted by the idea of ​​taking a picture with him? How was that moment?

-Incredible. At the end of the event I asked permission to take a photo with him and he agreed because he is an extremely humble and simple person. It’s more, Antonela took the photo. He told me “I’ll take them out”, and we took them out as a group so as not to pose one by one. He told me yes and I was more than grateful.

Lionel Messi went to a children's birthday in Rosario.  Ana Paula, second from left to right.
Lionel Messi went to a children’s birthday in Rosario. Ana Paula, second from left to right.

Did Antonela’s humility surprise you?

-It was incredible. She accompanied her children at all times, in all activities, she danced and was part of the family like any normal group. There were many children and I was in charge of making sure that everything went perfectly, that the times of the activities were met, so I couldn’t stop to look at them much, I did it with absolute discretion and everything went very well.

How long have you been organizing children’s events?

-17 years ago. In my beginnings I was with another group and “Choke the 5” is approximately 12 or 13 years old.

And is this the first time something like this has happened to you, nothing more and nothing less than receiving the Messi family?

-Its the first time. Although in Rosario one drives on a certain circuit, that a personality of these characteristics appears is the first timebut I took it very naturally.

How was the moment when Lionel Messi arrived at his birthday?

-When we arrived, about 40 minutes before the start time, the mother of the birthday party and the friend we have in common were there. We arrive, we set up the curtain, the sound, we place the materials and we prepare for the three hours that the event lasts. And I repeat: although this was extraordinary, for me each birthday is unique because my business is about word of mouth and I want every boy to have his perfect birthday.

And the moment?

-When he arrived, entered, sat down at a table with total simplicity and humility. Like one more. Everyone was excellent, from the family that hired me, that of Antonela’s sister, like the grandparents, Lionel himself, the children, the parents of the school who were there. It was all very natural indeed.

And the kids who were at the birthday, how did they react?

-LOL. Some, while we were in the inflatable, told me: ‘Mrs, mrs, did you see who’s there?’and I told him ‘no, who is?’ ‘Messi!’, They said well, I asked them if they had greeted him, but the boys were super natural, not as twisted as the adults. And they are an excellent family, extremely normal, like anyone else, although I must admit that all this was unexpected.