Learn how to prepare a delicious Dutch coconut cake for Children’s Day with this recipe

We all hope the Children’s Day arrive with a lot cheer up, cravings, because it reminds us of the time when we were probably the most happyignoring all social demands there is and only taking care of having fun. For this reason, the truth is that it is better for us to transmit that atmosphere to the little ones in the house, who want something a little more festive and although now that they have returned to the school some of us breathe with relief, it never hurts little detail.

The festivity plus childish of the year is almost around the corner and only 3 days separate us from it, so we must start with all the preparations to surprise the bless youwho endured as heroes the confinement from 2020 Y 2021. Now that the use of face masks is no longer a requirement for closed spaces, we all feel slightly calmer when it comes to socializing.