“It’s for days like today that I grabbed this team”

Despite the fact that the cameras followed him in every movement he made from the substitutes’ bench, he never deviated from the fact that the focus should be on what was happening on the field. Despite the fact that the flashes were looking for him, he stripped himself of any possible ego and let the players take center stage, as they deserve. He just once consummated the 1-0 in the Gigante de Arroyito, Carlos Tevez clenched his fist and received greetings from his brothers and field assistants, raised his arms and allowed himself to be pampered by all the fans of Rosario Central full of ecstasy and delirium after the triumph in the classic against Newell’s.

For everything that happened today (for this Thursday) is that I grabbed this team. For the people, for the passion”, were the first statements of the coach of the Scoundrel in a press conference. Pride. With that word you can synthesize the sayings of the man who took off his soccer skin a few months ago and quickly blended in with that of a coach. Because after Leandro Somoza left the ship, he did not hesitate to put his chest to the situation, grab a hot iron and straighten the course of a team full of kids from the club, made in Rosario and with very rogue DNA.

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Because although he tried to detract from what was achieved, Carlitos did receive himself as DT. “I was confident because we have been working very well. The players are convincing themselves that they can do something nice. Every time we understand better how we want to play. We knew we had to play like this because there was no other way, the team is growing”, he stated.

It is true that the beginning of his cycle was not easy at all. It is true that the defeats against Gimnasia and Aldosivi questioned his first steps. Nevertheless, He managed to give confidence to a group of kids who feel the shirt and who committed themselves to the cause. In this way, it led a group with many limitations to beat Sarmiento, equalize against Independiente and give their fans enormous joy with Ñuls.

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Video: Tevez's celebration after beating Newell's

“I am very sure and very convinced of what I do. Both my coaching staff and I are convinced of the work we are doing, and that is the main thing. We hold on to that. And I think the guys are getting it. I came to help them, to improve them, and luckily it’s going well. The team has been growing, it is totally different from what it was. You can already feel it before the games, the boys have another face, another physique. I said it was going to be difficult for them at the beginning, but today they showed that they are picking up”, stated Tevez.

Eye, beyond the happiness to stay with the derby, the coach asked that “not confuse us”, since “we can not just stay with this” and that we must continue for the objective that was proposed when he arrived at Central. And he added: “The satisfaction is very great.”

Congratulations, Carlitos.


-“I was confident because we have been working very well, very hard. I think the players are convincing themselves that they can do something nice. We are putting together a solid foundation, which is the most important thing. Today I want to congratulate you because this triumph is simply theirs”.

-“You have to build a solid base to later fight for important things. We are on the right path, on a path where we increasingly understand better how we want to play, a very pragmatic team is being built, a team that adapts to the needs of the match”.

-“A month ago we took hold and we knew, as I said in the first conference, that we had to play 4-4-2 because you couldn’t play any other way. Today the team is growing, and I’m left with that: that the team is increasingly pragmatic, and as a team is pragmatic we can play with that”.

“We won it for the team. We proposed a match and at the beginning we did not see it clearly. We changed and the game changed. And it’s not easy to change in the middle of a game. But they (the players) trusted at all times.”

-“I don’t know if it was the best game, what I do know is that we have to keep growing. We can’t keep the classic: we have to keep working and improving, because it was the work that led us to win the classic”.

-“Whether it’s Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, it doesn’t matter: the city stops. I know very well where I am, what club I’m in, what the fans are like, what they want, I’m very clear about it. in the institution to later be able to pass it on to the players”.

-“The two strikers did a very good job. Flaco Véliz… speechless. He fought them all. A striker scored it and that is important for the team”.