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Let’s go with a recipe that is made alone and results in a very tasty dish. The piadina It is a flat bread of Italian origin that is made with wheat flour, typical of the provinces of Romagna. Originally, it was prepared in the poorest homes, but like many other foods, it was replicated in wealthier homes and restaurants in the country and around the world due to its exquisite taste.

the so-called romagna piadina It is considered the national food, and is part of the list of “Traditional Italian food products” of the Emilia-Romagna region. But what makes it so special? It is that it is made up of a puff pastry made with wheat flour, pork fat or olive oil, salt and water. a delicacy And its filling can be very varied.

This time, we are going to show you the recipe for the spectacular Italian bread with the advice of Argentine cooksplus, three different and delicious fillings to taste a culinary experience to lick your fingers.

Recipe for Italian piadinas

Italian Piadinas, a delicious and easy dish to save you lunch, dinner or snack.


For the piadinas

– Flour 000 400 g.

– Superfine wholemeal flour 100 g.

– Fresh yeast 15 g.

– Sunflower or olive oil 2 tbsp.

– Salt 10 g (1 tsp).

– Sparkling water or soda 300 cc.

For the 1st filling:

– Raw ham 3 slices.

– Dry tomatoes 3 units.

– Gruyère cheese 3 slices.

– Arugula 10 leaves.

– Black pitted olives 4 units.

For the 2nd filling:

– Smoked salmon 5 slices.

– Cream cheese 3 tbsp.

– Dijon mustard 1 tsp.

– Mayonnaise 1 tbsp.

– Chopped chives 1 tbsp.

– Purple onion 2 tbsp.

– Butterhead lettuce.

– Avocado ½ unit.

For the 3rd filling:

– Smoked bacon 3 slices.

– Brie cheese cut into slices 100 to 150 g.

– Onion cut into thin strips.

– Cherry tomatoes 5 units.

– Fresh oregano 1 tbsp.


1. In a bowl put the flour, make a hole and in the center add the yeast. Add half of the sparkling water, the oil and start mixing little by little from the center out.

2. When you have mixed the yeast a little, add the salt and the rest of the sparkling water. This way you prevent the salt from coming into direct contact with the yeast and inhibiting its growth. The sparkling water will give the dough an even more airy and even crumb.

3. I joined everything and knead it for about 10 minutes. It has to be homogeneous, shiny and somewhat elastic. Chef tip: If during kneading the dough sticks to your hand add a little flour, but not too much, it has to be somewhat moist, soft, easy to knead. Knead, if possible, vigorously. In this way you develop the famous gluten, forming a “net” that will trap the gases generated by the yeasts. The result? A piadina with a good crumb. And tender!

4. Assemble the dough like a chorizo ​​and divide it in 12 pieces.

5. Cover it with a damp cloth or plastic wrap and let it rise for at least an hour and a half. It will double its volume.

6. Flatten each bun to degas it and stretch it on a floured surface forming circles about 15 cm in diameter by ½ cm thick.

7. Cover them again and let them rest at least 10 minutes.

8. Meanwhile, heat up a pan or a smooth iron.

9. Put one of the discs in the pan, no oil, no flour or anything. Prick it to prevent bubbles from forming. She is lightly browning it and turning it over. Do this several times so that it cooks evenly and is not too crispy. The idea is that you can fold them in the middle without breaking them. Cooking can not take more than 4 or 5 minutes.

10. When removing them, if you want to serve them warm, stack them up and cover them with a towel.

11. Now there is only assemble your piadina adding slices of raw ham, Gruyere cheese, dried tomatoes hydrated in warm water, some arugula leaves and a couple of coarsely chopped olives. A touch of freshly ground black pepper, a generous splash of a rich extra virgin olive oil, you fold it in the middle and enjoy!

12. For the second filling: Mix the cheese with the mustard, the mayo and the chives. Spread a piadina, add the smoked salmon, the red onion cut very fine, a handful of buttery lettuce cut into strips and the avocado cut into slices.

13. For the third filling: Fill a piadina with the brie cheese cut into ½ cm thick pieces and put the sautéed sauce on top, hot. Touch of oregano and eat it while the cheese melts. yummy!
Do twice as much and frizá for the next one. You just have to let them cool, and give each one a couple of turns of plastic wrap. They defrost in an hour or directly in the medium oven in less than 10 minutes. Moreover, if you want, you use them as pre-pizzas. They last 3 months in perfect condition.