It was baptized by Gerardo Rozín and it is a boom in Palermo: the Jewish food restaurant that entered the world top 100

The awards The World’s 50 Best Restaurants gave their usual distinction to two restaurants in the city of Buenos Aires within a list of 100 outstanding places in the whole world. In position 14 appears the traditional grill Don Juliolocated in the neighborhood of Palermo, and in position 88 appears Mishiguenewhich is especially dedicated to the Jewish cuisine.

Those who participate in this prestigious vote are internationally trained experts and have additional knowledge of hospitality, where the service provided is also rated, in addition to the delicacies offered by each menu. Also, it has the endorsement and certification of the professional services consultant Deloitte.

located on the street Lafinur 3368in the neighborhood palermonear the Ecopark, Mishiguene stands as a signature kitchen, prestigious and with seven years in the field of Jewish cuisine. The mind of this project is Javier Ickowiczwho takes care of the framework so that the chef, Thomas Khalifayour partner, bring gastronomic tradition to each table.

The joy of the winners during the celebration in LondonDavid_Holbrook_Photography

In dialogue with THE NATION, Javier Ickowicz (53) expressed how he took this award in a job that does not have holidays and requires constant evolution: “Five years ago we entered the Latin American award and now the world one. For us, entering the first one was important, we began to have Uruguayan and Brazilian clients, and Tomás also received a distinction as the best Latin American chef. At the world level, it joins us to be on the map”.

With the project of opening another store in Mexico, Ickowicz highlighted the strengths of this project that began in November 2014: “This recognition serves to validate the ideas that one had at the beginning. It is a caress, a mime to what one is thinking and that sometimes does not work when it is expressed. This goes beyond economic success.”

“I have the name”the voice of Gerardo Rozin I was on the other end of the phone. Who attended him, at 12 at night on a weekday, was Thomas Khalifachef and partner of Ickowicz in Mishiguene. A succession of calls led to a strategic and creative meeting that was the initial kick for the name of the place. “When he told me, I was dying of laughter, It is a term that is used a lot in the community, it is like saying ‘crazy. This is how the Mishiguene adventure began”, recalled Javier, an entrepreneur who found the niche in a time when cooking schools didn’t exist.

His beginnings were in the 1980s, on the eve of the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. The garage of his house, in the company of his mother reginawho was nicknamed night, was the first grain of sand. With a small capital, the sale of cakes at her home began to attract the attention of the neighbors and word of mouth began to be decisive for growth. Located on the corner of Zabala Y February thirdon June 31, 1990, the first store of nightwhere there used to be a Chinese supermarket.

“Many people came to buy and my idea was to invite them to coffee so they could wait for their order. Later, I realized that there was a business there. So I complemented the cakes with the cafeteria”, he underlined Ickowicz.

His growth he considers accidental. His entrepreneurial eye began to identify paths in the middle of a country on fire in 2001, where he invested in low-cost stores and from then on, every year there was a new branch.

Tomás Kalika and Javier Ickowicz, smiling for a distinction that, as they themselves say, "put them on the map"
Tomás Kalika and Javier Ickowicz, smiling for a distinction that, as they themselves say, “puts them on the map”

In 2014 he met kalifa, who was spinning off a personal business. Javier, eager to detect opportunities, presented him with a personal project. After thinking about it for a few days, he decided to accept the proposal with his own touch, backed by experience in Israeli gastronomy.

A mix of factors put together a product of excellence. His personal journey is related, in some aspects, to the path of a Jewish culture that rubbed shoulders with various cultures to enrich itself. “Jewish food is very rich in that sense, what we did was bring together all the paths that gastronomy traveled”, he synthesized.

With a more relaxed option on the street Hairwhere you acknowledge that it is a local Mishiguene “more informal”, Ickowicz found an important vein in the field. of ideals billiard playerswhere details make the difference, looks for you every day to renew concepts and continue at the forefront.