Is Battaglia still in Boca? Live: minute by minute, latest news and Riquelme’s decision

At the end of practice, Diego “El Pulpo” González minimized the situation around Boca and the DT. “I don’t know why they talk so much if we are in competition in every tournament. We are putting all together and Sebastián trained with us”, said the midfielder.

The training session concluded and it has already transpired that Battaglia will also lead practice tomorrow, from 9 a.m., and will travel with the squad to Santiago del Estero, at 2 p.m., for Saturday’s match against Central Córdoba, for the League Cup.

Vice President Juan Román Riquelme and members of the Football Council Jorge Bermúdez, Marcelo Delgado and Raúl Cascini appeared at the side of the field at the end of training. Laterals Marcelo Weigandt and Frank Fabra were the first to leave the venue.

After the meeting of the DT with the Council, the squad met with Battaglia for the continuity of the practice. The coach, who was not in the gym training, is now at the head of the group in the second stage, on the field.

“Many times we coaches are subjected to this type of circumstance because the demand is through results. You arrive at Boca and you know what you are going to find… Sebastián knows it better than anyone, he knows the thoughts of the player and the fan, because he is the most successful player in the club. Adversity is where you measure what the coach is made of. It seems to me that the important thing is to try to turn off the radio, that the rumors from outside do not reach you and take away your lucidity about the decisions that have to be made. 6 months ago he was the ideal DT and after beating River he was a phenomenon, and now the question is being raised, “said Gustavo Alfaro, current DT of the Ecuadorian team and former xeneize coach. “The message has to be clear with oneself and with the squad,” he added to TyC Sports. “Battaglia stated that he wants to stay and it seems perfect to me that he maintains that position. He’s in the Cup race, where I think he’s going to qualify. Some results were not given, but I don’t see a crisis of results,” he added.

Gustavo Alfaro is directing the Ecuadorian team, after passing through BocaDolores Ochoa – Pool AP

“The reality is that our job as coaches is like this. Many times unfair. We had to go through a situation like that of Battaglia now, results are always analyzed and not yields. When one goes from category, it is obvious that the greater infrastructure that one receives and larger budgets, generates more facilities on a day-to-day basis depending on what one intends, but also more relevance. As one ascends the responsibility increases. And when you advance in the category, impatience is great and the Boca World has other times. To us as colleagues, every time the work of a DT is questioned, it generates empathy for us to put ourselves in that situation, “said Favio Orsi in statements to TyC Sports. One of the technicians who put Battaglia in trouble with Godoy Cruz’s draw at La Bombonera.

With the training in the gym underway, Sebastián Battaglia and his closest collaborators are meeting with the members of the Football Council and the club’s vice president, Juan Román Riquelme. Speculations grow.

The coaching staff did not meet with the footballers yet this afternoon, while details of the DT’s meeting with the Football Council are awaited. Some players are doing light exercises in the gym accompanied by a physical trainer.

Although it was scheduled for 4:00 p.m., Boca training has not yet started. The coaching staff that accompanies Battaglia and the players wait near the field without the DT. Those who played against Godoy Cruz on Wednesday night are expected to work lightly, with the physical trainer, and the rest do so as normal.

Juan Román Riquelme and Sebastián Battaglia, in times of definitions
Juan Román Riquelme and Sebastián Battaglia, in times of definitions

Waiting for the start of practice, at 4:00 p.m., the club has important decisions ahead of it. Amidst the rumors around Battaglia, Boca has already organized a trip to Santiago del Estero for Friday, to play Central Córdoba on Saturday for the League Cup, at 7:00 p.m., and the subsequent flight to San Pablo, to face Corinthians on Tuesday, for the Copa Libertadores.

After arriving at Boca’s premises in Ezeiza, Battaglia and the members of the Football Council will hold a talk, as happens the days after each game. But this time it takes on more relevance due to the uncertainty that was generated around the continuity of the coach after another draw in the Bombonera playing poorly and leaving the stadium without giving the press conference.

“I am very strong to continue. We are working, we are fine. We want the team to improve. We are thinking about the next game, trying to improve. I am strong. Forever. I trust the players, I trust the squad”, were the words of Sebastián Battaglia, still coach of Boca, upon arriving at the Ezeiza estate to speak with the leadership and conduct the practice of the professional squad, after the disappointing performance against Godoy Cruz in the Bombonera, with the tie 1-1.

Regarding Carlos Bianchi’s support, Battaglia said: “I thanked Carlos. He always conveys patience. He has been a beacon and a guide for Boca and all of us. His support in difficult times is good. We want to improve. We will do internal self-criticism and seek to improve to seek victory, which is what we all want”.

Sebastián Battaglia arrives at Ezeiza and says how he feels

Boca’s top leader in soccer decisions, Juan Román Riquelme, 1st vice president, arrived at the Ezeiza venue to speak with the coach of the professional team, Sebastián Battaglia, and define the next steps. Will the DT continue over the weekend or will there be a change of command? Decisive hours in the xeneize entity.