iOS 16 has lock screen widgets, revamped notifications and more!

THE WWDC22 is already rolling, and of course, with it, we already have the next generation of the operating system that will run on hundreds of millions of iPhones around the world: ladies and gentlemen, the iOS 16 is among us!

The first novelty of the new system is a new Lockscreen. Here’s a complete reimagining of the space, with customization of basically everything you see in the interface. You can change the look of the clock, add depth effects to photos taken in Portrait mode, change styles, fonts, colors, and much more.

We also have lock screen widgets. You can quickly check calendar events, temperature at your location, your activity circles and much more. And you can have multiple lock screens — one for each moment of your day, for example. Photos can be changed periodically, including suggestions curated by the system itself. There are options for dynamic screens, such as one connected to the Weather app that shows the weather in your location at that moment.

Notifications also gained a store bath. They now appear in a tile at the bottom of the lock screen, and you can expand or hide them. There are also calls Live Activities, “real-time” notifications that show information about something that is happening at that moment — the score of a game, the proximity of the Uber you ordered, or the duration of your workout. They can be expanded to take the entire screen with more information.

O focus mode, in turn, is now also on the Lock Screen: each screen can be associated with a Focus profile, such as work, personal life or travel. Your preferences also extend to the home screen and apps with the Focus Filterswhich only show the content that matters for that moment — in Safari, for example, the browser can show only the bookmarks of the moment of work, and in Messages and Calendars the apps also follow the Focus of the moment.

At the iMessage, three new features are coming in iOS 16: editing messages, undoing messages, and marking messages as unread — for those you intend to reply to later, for example. The Shared for You feature (Shared With You) is now accessible by developers with a new API.

O SharePlay It will also get improvements: with a tap on your FaceTime call, you can check all installed apps that support the feature, and in the App Store you can check out other apps to enjoy with your friends. SharePlay will also be available on iMessage, to share the experience via text messages instead of audio/video.

O Saying is another aspect of the system that received attention in the update: now, a completely new experience lets you switch between typing and dictation without barriers — just start talking and text will appear on the screen, even with the keyboard visible. It is even possible to select a piece of text via touch and replace it via voice. Dictation is able to automatically add punctuation and even add emojis.

The resource Live Text (live text) will now work with videos — simply pause the video and interact with the text displayed on the screen. There will also be quick actions: you can translate something into a foreign language or convert units quickly. And in Camera, you’ll be able to translate entire documents (or menus, for example) right away. Developers will have a new API to integrate the feature into their apps.

the resource of object recognition is even more powerful, and is able to automatically detect the main part of an image (like your pet, for example) and “separate” it — so you can select just the object in question and share it anywhere , such as iMessage.

And this is just the beginning: the app Portfolio (Wallet) will have expanded support for personal documents in 11 states, including Maryland and Arizona. It will also be possible to share keys (for hotels, for example) more easily through other apps, such as WhatsApp, and even with Android users through a standard used throughout the industry.

O Apple Pay will win the Tap to Pay (already announced) and a new feature called Apple Pay Later, which allows you to split payments into up to four installments on the Apple platform, divided between six weeks, without interest or extra fees. The platform will also win the Apple Pay Order Trackingwhich will allow sellers to integrate their goods’ shipping information directly into the Wallet app.

Continuing, we have news in the maps: Apple’s updated maps will reach 11 new countries such as France, Switzerland and New Zealand. A new city ​​mode shows even richer 3D detail, including in cities like Las Vegas and New York. Routes can have multiple stops (up to 15), and you can plan them on your Mac and send them to your iPhone — you can even ask Siri to add new stops along the way to update directions in real-time. On public transport, it will be possible to use pass cards, with fee and balance alert coming to an end. Look Around is finally coming to MapKit, allowing developers to add information to their apps.

Another focus of iOS 16 is the sports: The Apple TV app is capable of displaying live scores on Live Activities notifications, and Apple News will get a special section with your favorite teams and leagues, including real-time leaderboards, schedule, news and videos — all for free and available in four countries. If the user is a subscriber to Apple News+, there will also be special coverage of paid vehicles on the teams and leagues in a row.

At the family sharing, it will be easier to create and manage accounts for children, with a special screen to set the child’s age, choose which apps are accessible, books, series, movies and much more. You can also quickly configure Screen Time, location and more; the child can ask for an extra time via iMessage. All of this can be set up by simply holding the new iPhone/iPad close to a device already set up by one of the adults in the family.

There are also news for Photos: with the iCloud Shared Photo Library, a group of up to five people can collaborate on a photo album, so that everyone has access to photos from a trip or an event, for example. You can automatically select photos from a certain period of time or with certain people, and in the Camera app you can quickly select whether the photo you are going to take will be shared in the family library or just your personal library. Edits are also synced to the shared library, and the content there will appear in the Memories and Photos widget for everyone involved.

THE Privacy will also gain improvements in iOS 16. A new feature, called Safety Check (Security Check), will allow users (and female users) in abusive relationships to quickly access important sharing settings. One button will let you instantly reset any shared access you have with someone else, such as location, passwords and more, and you can see all the information you share with friends and family, as well as apps and services connected to them, on a single screen. your accounts.

O HomeKit is also even better. The Matter standard finally is officially announced and has the foundations of HomeKit, with dozens of brands committed to supporting the standard — which will allow the Apple ecosystem to connect to even more products and platforms. To keep up with the news, the Home app was also redesigned, with a simpler interface to control all your connected devices on just one screen. There are new categories for light bulbs, weather, security and more, and everything can be sorted by camera or other filters. Your security cameras are visible directly from your home screen, and you can configure widgets on your Lock Screen to make things even simpler.

O CarPlay, in turn, has been updated to “reinvent the in-car experience” and invade every screen in your vehicle. Now it can even take control of your car’s dashboard, controlling your air conditioning, showing your speed, fuel (or battery) level, vehicle radio, seat tilt and much more. There are also iPhone widgets and at-a-glance information, with real-time communication between your smartphone and your car’s system. The new CarPlay can adapt to any type (and number of screens) in the vehicle, and you can choose between different layouts and interface types to choose the one you are most comfortable with. Dozens of automakers have already committed to adopting the new version of CarPlay for their vehicles, and the idea is that the first will be announced next year.

Want more? Well, we have improved Spatial Audio on AirPods, with the help of the iPhones TrueDepth camera to understand your surroundings, as well as a Quick Notes feature coming from the Mac and new Memojis options.

This, in short, is iOS 16 — Apple hasn’t announced it yet, but the system is likely to come out in first beta later today, with a definitive release scheduled for next September/October.