Involution: Boca fails to win in the Bombonera for the Professional League Cup and adds murmurs to its lack of ideas

Mouth play to the limit Due to the losses that the squad has, especially in defense due to the range of injured central defenders, and also because it is still looking for its identity forced by emergencies, in the operation and in the results. Without margin of error and innocent when it has to take care of the advantage, the xeneize team still without winning in the Bombonera for the domestic tournament. The 1-1 with Godoy Cruz It was the sixth bland tie that he garnered in 11 dates of the Professional League Cup. She adds, but little by little, and worries.

The stumbling block of the Bombonera itself seems incredible. She no longer intimidates visitors like she used to. Until now, Boca garnered just four points in their five games in their stadium, by four equalities (Colón, Arsenal and Lanús, the others) and one defeat (Hurricane). What a paradox: the only success of the championship as a local was in Vélezon Rosario Central, when due to the state of the playing field – at that time with more dirt than grass – he left his house in search of a field in better conditions.

Boca Compact 1 vs. Godoy Cruz 1

Godoy Cruz, concerned about the low average and the shadow of relegation, has one loss and four draws in a row, something that cost coach Diego Flores his job, who was replaced last week by Favio Orsi and Sergio Gómez. It is a team that has good intentions. this time that it did not reach him because he lacked aim.

The Tomba was the test that Boca proposed this day, which had the opportunity to establish itself among the top four in zone 2, which will go on to the quarterfinals of the tournament. Due to the results of the rest of the matches, the xeneize had some peace of mind: they would stay at least in the classification zone because those who were running behind had not surpassed them and those who were just ahead (Tigre lost and Aldosivi tied) remained on the radar . But this Boca that has will but no ideas plays tense and does not consolidate even when it has less pressure.

To the coach puzzle Sebastian Battaglia they are missing different pieces for each game. In addition, in the sequence that includes those of a Copa Libertadores that started uphill, need to rotate. This Wednesday he bet on a double 9 something false, because Luis Vazquez plays all over the attacking front and Darius Benedetto he put on another costume, that of a superhero, falling back a bit to be the link between the midfielders and the forwards. The other, Sebastian Villawas very lackluster on the right.

Sebastián Battaglia tries variants but cannot find the equipment; There was no press conference for the technical director after the tie with Godoy Cruz.THE NATION/Mauro Alfieri

Boca suffers at the slightest distraction and due to the multiple imbalances. In the first 20 minutes he had three scares. First, for a taco of Nestor Breitenbruch on a corner from the right that traveled to the position I was attentive to Javier Garcia, the figure. Then, because the defense scored poorly on a cool clearance from Ezekiel Bullaude a Gonzalo Abrego, whose intention the archer guessed when they were face to face. Later, a local corner turned into a counterattack in which Tomba was outnumbered but was imprecise.

Vázquez missed the ball when Pol Fernandez He put him in front of the goal through the center and the goalkeeper Juan Espinola Gonzalez anticipated it. frank fabra It took him a second longer to define when he entered by surprise on the left, and they covered his shot. And a penalty came, for a slight subjection to Vázquez when the attacker tried to settle in the area to finish off: Benedetto took responsibility and was relentless. The 1-0 had to bring that calm that Boca almost never finds. Not even being in advantage, yes.

Darío Benedetto relentlessly executes the penalty that Luis Vázquez got;  the 1-0 lasted just nine minutes for Boca.
Darío Benedetto relentlessly executes the penalty that Luis Vázquez got; the 1-0 lasted just nine minutes for Boca.THE NATION/Mauro Alfieri

The Uruguayan Solomon Rodriguez He reminded him right away, defining just outside in a play in which red frames He was very close to conceding a penalty when he jumped from behind to prevent a comfortable definition. Before he took a deep breath for that save, Rodríguez himself pushed the ball almost under the crossbar after a center at ground level that all the defenders saw pass. The 1-1 rekindled the traumas. And García prevented a second goal from Godoy Cruz, resolving a shot from medium distance, at the end of a first half that closed with Rojo and Benedetto asking their teammates for concentration and good decisions.

In the second stage, the Tomba saw blood and kept digging into the wound. Immediately, a flight from García saved the locals against a new attempt from a distance that traveled towards an angle. And the crossbar prevented him from screaming Martin Ojeda in a similar move, behind Fabra’s back.

Javier García maintained Boca's tie in a second half in which the locals had no answers against Godoy Cruz.
Javier García maintained Boca’s tie in a second half in which the locals had no answers against Godoy Cruz.THE NATION/Mauro Alfieri

The puzzle mutated into hieroglyphics when Boca removed a piece from the middle, Christian Medinafor the entry of Exequiel Zeballos. That added bewilderment to an unproductive midfield. The last section was like a bet on some inspiration, in the rain and with an upset audience that made it noticeable in some songs, and some silences. Y in additional time, García again prevented Godoy Cruz from winning, three times in one minute. In the end, Boca was saved by the bell.