Inspirational cuisine: The intimate relationship between great wines and Spanish gastronomy was present in Oviedo

The restaurant Oviedo, an authentic emblem of haute cuisine in Buenos Aires, was the perfect setting for a new gastronomic challenge of Inspired Kitchen: unite the personal style of two Spanish chefs with the history and Luigi Bosca’s wines. A meeting in which the guests enjoyed the original flavors and the suggestive agreements that characterize the cycle that the winery is celebrating in different parts of the country.

In this opportunity, the fires were in charge of Oscar Bosch and Gerard Barberan, two prestigious Catalan chefs who currently reside in the Brazilian city of São Paulo, who were received by Emilio Garip, owner of Oviedo, and Mariana Torta, in charge of curating the wines. After passing through restaurants such as El Bulli and El Celler de Can Roca, Oscar was chosen in 2018 as the best chef in São Paulo for his meticulous work at Tanit, his restaurant specializing in Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary imprint. For his part, Gerard is the ideologue behind the renowned Bottega Bernacca, in the luxurious São Paulo area of ​​Jardins; and he is also the creator of Kuro, a Japanese omakase in which fresh fish and shellfish are the protagonists.

Gerard Barberan, Emilio Garip and Oscar Bosch

Before cooking in Oviedo, the chefs were invited to spend two days in the city of Mendoza. There, they had dinner at the Azafrán restaurant, a menu paired with Luigi Bosca wines, and toured the Luján de Cuyo winery with oenologist Pablo Cúneo, who guided them in a tasting of the iconic Paraíso 2019 blend and its different components.

“We were invited to the cycle to fulfill a challenge and it is a great responsibility to be able to live up to Oviedo, the restaurant of the great Emilio Garip, so loved in Buenos Aires. Our idea was to create a Cuisine of Inspiration menu with Luigi Bosca’s wines that will transcend time and remain in the memory of diners”, explained Oscar. In this sense, Gerard added: “Wine and food make us sit at the table; something that in itself is very important. It is a pride to be able to offer dishes of modern Catalan gastronomy in this restaurant that has so much history, accompanied by a winery that also has a heritage and a present”.

“We were invited to the cycle to meet a challenge and it is a great responsibility to be able to live up to Oviedo, the restaurant of the great Emilio Garip, so loved in Buenos Aires. Our idea was to create an Inspirational Cuisine menu with Luigi’s wines Forest that transcends time and remains in the memory of diners”

Oscar Bosch

Wines and cuisine were part of the same route traced by two singularities, a menu that grew throughout the night. With dishes that wandered between the tradition and the modernity of Spain, the chosen wines made a similar path through a selection of the sommelier Mariana Torta. From the current Luigi Bosca labels, they served the Las Compuertas Riesling, the De Sangre White Blend and the Luigi Bosca Bohéme sparkling wine made using the Champenoise method. However, wines that are already part of the winery’s history were also present, such as the last existing vintage of the Luigi Bosca Gala 3 white blend and the 1996 Finca Los Nobles Cabernet Bouchet, stored for more than 25 years in the cellar of Luján de Cuyo.

Along with the sparkling wine, oysters marinated in sherry, crispy black rice with prawns, brioche bread with butter and anchovies were served; a bold agreement to challenge the senses with Inspiration Kitchen. For its part, the shrimp and scallop tartar from Mar del Plata, combined with Luigi Bosca Riesling Las Compuertas, achieved an explosion of aromas and flavors; as well as the garlic soup, egg at 63ºC and chorizo ​​crumbs accompanied by Luigi Bosca Gala 3.

Among the main ones, the agreement of the chernia with De Sangre White Blend stood out, a wine that gave freshness and intensity to a juicy fish with textures of artichoke and air of Parmesan with truffle.. Along with the fideuá with prawns and squid, served in the center of the table and designed to be shared, it was time for the most special wine of the night: Luigi Bosca Paraíso 2019, the iconic wine of the winery.

“You cannot separate wines and cuisine, they are part of the same experience”

Gerard Barberan

“We think of this night as a transition between tradition and modernity. Oviedo with our host Emilio Garip at the helm, Luigi Bosca with his emblematic wines, and us with these dishes: everything points to that union between the past and the future”, says Oscar. “You can’t separate wines and cuisine, both are part of the same experience”, adds Gerard.

An intimate and profound synthesis between haute cuisine and Luigi Bosca wines. A challenge for two chefs and also for diners who let themselves be surprised by innovative dishes and different wines. An experience in which the whole is much more than the sum of the parts; That’s it Inspiration Kitchen.


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