“If we don’t go in, there are bullets for everyone”: what happens in the Racing bar, on high alert

While Gago’s team continues to win, the Imperial Guard rearms and threatens to return to the charge to recover the popular. What can happen?

The intern in the Racing bar.

On Saturday morning, the Racing fans really went to sleep dreaming of achieving a new victory, the one that would match the current streak with that of José’s team. In that 1967 the glorious team that won the Libertadores and the Intercontinental scored victory after victory until reaching that number. A while later, this 2022 version of the Acadé would achieve it. But that same morning, prior to the milestone achieved with the 1-0 against Unión, Others who claim to be Racing fans but who live by eating the club’s entrails, dreamed of something else: to recover the bar lost last year through blood and fire. And for that they made their intentions clear with a flag that they hung at the entrance to the Cylinder and was warned by club employees who had it taken down. The rag said the following: “Neither ortives nor multi-shirts. We are Racing. If we don’t go in, there are bullets for everyone.”. And it bore the signature of LBDNRwhich is none other than La banda del Negro Ramos, a detachment of the old Imperial Guard that is fighting for its return and that is in the sights of the Aprevide.

After a semester of tense calm, the internal of the Racing bar intensified again and puts the entire security system on alert. In the last 15 years, the Imperial Guard had the iron fist management of the Escobar family, who at one point withdrew from the public scene, regrouped near the popular Dock Sud and handed over the management of the paravalanches to the Repetto family, with José as leader and his nephew Facundo, a municipal employee, as number two. Those who had been carving strong in the group crowned in 2018 but after a year and a half, they saw how Corina’s faction under the command of Leonardo Paredes redoubled their efforts to unseat them. Although the war had started in 2016, the last months of 2019 and the first months prior to the coronavirus pandemic increased the fighting. Until the Repettos were imprisoned for different reasons (theft on the one hand, assault on the supporter journalist Sebastián Acosta and other court crimes on the other) and then Paredes, whose shock group provides services in the Union of Port Maritime Workers, was encouraged. There were several gunshots (in one of them Paredes himself was injured in the leg), until in September of last year, prior to the return of the public to the fields, With political support, from the club leadership and the police, the Los Pibes de Racing faction ended up winning the grandstand, what was verified with the flags displayed in the center of the popular, where the one of Los Pibes de Racing fluttered giant escorted by those of Corina, Berazategui, Claypole, José C. Paz and La Vieja Escuela. Little by little, the rest of the groups joined this new leadership with people from Dominico, Lanús, members of the Racing Stones and more. And it seemed that there would no longer be room for another sector.

The intern in the Racing bar.

But the phenomenon of Racing de Gago and the proximity of the World Cup in Qatar began to generate ambitions of the former Imperial Guard. The albiceleste business grows with each victory in terms of the sale of clothing, illegal merchandising, ticket resale, food stalls and the rag business. And although some exiles from the gallery went to touch the Escobar brothers to lead the return, from there there was a wise refusal. They had already been too lucky to put everything at risk. But the rest of the bars that had integrated the old LGI were not daunted. They gathered in the towers of the Docke, they brought people from the Las Casitas neighborhood, from Los Homeros and they began to plan their return. First they chose the name: La banda del Negro Ramos, nickname of a mythical bar called Andrés Améndola who died almost a decade ago who was respected in the stands at the time when El Cordobés, Cacho Ciudadela, fat Chony, la Rumbera and Balá reigned. . Then they went looking for people who were determined to do anything to get the grandstand back. They added people from the western suburbs and at the touch they connected with Majin Buu, a bar that was never arrested although he had been in the sights of Justice in the case for alleged illicit association of the Racing bar after it was intercepted a message from Facundo Repetto telling how they had won the bar: “We caught four months ago. My uncle is the one (for Josi) and below we are two. Me and a guy who is a famous assassin, the Majin Buu. We kicked out many, stick and stick to Corina’s who didn’t want to leave and we brought this annoying guy. We already put together a great band, at the beginning we were 40 guys and today we are more than 300. We also had the blessing of the Egg and the Umbrella (former leaders Raúl Escobar and Medina Lopetegui). The Egg gave me his chain and told me ‘now you have to be here, otherwise this will go to B’. And that’s where we start”. And although they are now far from 300, the presence of Majin Buu and the recruitment of people of his ilk is putting all of Avellaneda on alert.

The first sign that there could be problems occurred in last week’s match against Cuiabá, in the local debut for the Copa Libertadores. There the rumor spread that the dissident would go to the tribune that overlooks Alsina street where the visitors used to go. So “The kids of Racing” decided to locate themselves in both headers and not only in the traditional and threaten with the song of “We are the kids from Racing, they really put up with it, whoever has any doubts, come and look for us”. Fortunately, the night ended peacefully and given the possibility that there would be a problem in the match against Unión, the Security people made it clear to the Negro Ramos band that they would not be welcome in the stadium. That’s why that threatening flag appeared and that’s why all the alerts because although this Wednesday the Acadé plays in Paraná against Patronato, next Sunday it will be Newell’s local and the winds of war are blowing stronger and stronger.

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