I followed the minute by minute of the match at the Monumental

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Marcelo Gallardo’s team receives Gimnasia de La Plata for date 9 of the Professional League. I followed the minute by minute through La Página Millonaria.

The Greatest wants to add three in the Professional League
© Getty.The Greatest wants to add three in the Professional League

After two defeats and a draw against them in the tournament, Marcelo Gallardo’s team had the need to add three to three in the Professional League so as not to lose ground and believe again. For this reason, the coach of the Greatest team opted for the best he has available, with the only novelty being Emanuel Mammana in the central defense to replace Jonatan Maidana and with the return of Héctor David Martínez and Rodrigo Aliendro to the starting eleven.

Just starting, the Millionaire tried to impose conditions and become owner of the party. He achieved it from the point of view of territorial control, because he won the dispute over the ball and mostly controlled the game during the first few minutes. However, he could not hurt or reach the goal defended by Rodrigo Rey too clearly, at least during the first quarter of an hour.

Between 15 and 30 minutes, perhaps the best of the Muñeco team was seen. He achieved more aggressiveness in the attack and arrived with some danger in the rival area. It was precisely after 15 minutes and through a shot by Agustín Palavecino that the goalkeeper deflected to the corner that River’s awakening appeared. After the corner, Lucas Beltrán could not give the header enough direction and was very close to making it 1-0.

The clearest of the first stage came at 19 minutes, again by way of the shot from medium distance. The person in charge this time was Bruno Zuculini, but Rodrigo Rey appeared again to deflect the corner. And as happened in the previous one, after the corner kick came a new chance for Millo, this time through a header by Elías Gómez that went just wide.

The match began to catch up with the passing of the minutes and Gimnasia became a little more animated. After 20 minutes, Lobo’s first chance came, through a weak header by Ramón Sosa. And at minute 35, Ramón Sosa himself took a shot from the right from outside the area, well controlled by the Octopus de Casilda. It was perhaps the worst moment for Millo in that first stage.

When it seemed that the first half was going straight to goalless equality, the first emotion of the night arrived at 42 minutes. Lucas Beltrán captured a header clearance from Leonardo Morales and took a bombshell that hit the right post of Rodrigo Rey, who had nothing to do. Great goal from the Muñeco team, which ended the first half with a partial 1-0 scoreline.

At the beginning of the complement, the cast of Néstor Gorosito went out to look for the game a few meters above and tried to disturb Franco Armani’s goal. The first attempt was two minutes into the game, with a shot by Eric Ramírez that went wide. River, who controlled the ball less in that second-half weigh-in, began to wake up after 15 minutes, through a great collective combination that ended in an assist from Milton Casco and a point-blank shot from Agustín Palavecino that hit the body of King.

After 20 minutes, the Muñeco team was again close to stretching the difference, this time from the stopped ball. Agustín Palavecino pumped a free kick from the center to the far post and Emanuel Mammana headed almost alone. He found the Wolf’s archer in good standing, which he held off without difficulty.

The income of Pablo Solari and Miguel Borja, the recent incorporations of the Greatest, gave another freshness to the millionaire attack in the final stretch of the match. From this partnership came a new clear chance for the local after 35 minutes, from the daring of the former Colo Colo and a crawling center that the Colombian managed to score. He went just wide. It was not the only maneuver they built together. At 45 minutes, the same formula again: center of 16 and touch of 9, but this time Rey covered. It was the last maneuver of a match that showed a recovery of the Muñeco’s cast with respect to the last matches and that serves as an emotional boost to point to the fight in the tournament.


RIVER PLATE (4-1-4-1): 1-Franco Armani; 20-Milton Casco, 23-Emanuel Mammana, 6-Héctor David Martínez, 29-Elías Gómez; 5-Bruno Zuculini; 31-Santiago Simón, 27-Rodrigo Aliendro, 8-Agustín Palavecino, 11-Nicolás De La Cruz; 18-Lucas Beltran. DT: Marcel Gallardo.

Substitutes: 33-Ezequiel Centurión, 4-Jonatan Maidana, 15-Andrés Herrera, 22-Javier Pinola, 14-Leandro González Pírez, 32-Tomás Pochettino, 21-Esequiel Barco, 26-José Paradela, 10-Juan Fernando Quintero, 16-Pablo Solari, 9-Miguel Borja and 19-Braian Romero.

GYMNASTICS LP (4-4-2): 17-Rodrigo King; 6-Guillermo Enrique, 4-Leonardo Morales, 24-Germán Guiffrey, 18-Nicolás Colazo; 10-Brahian Alemán, 30-Agustín Cardozo, 5-Emanuel Cecchini, 11-Ramón Sosa; 43-Eric Ramírez and 15-Franco Soldano. SD: Nestor Gorosito.

Substitutes: 1-Tomás Durso, 3-Oscar Piris, 41-Gonzalo González, 31-Matías Bazzi, 33-Nery Leyes, 27-Manuel Insaurralde, 28-Tomás Muro, 20-Alan Lescano, 44-Benjamín Domínguez, 21-Lautaro Chávez and 26-Alexis Dominguez.


Hour: 21.30

Stadium: Monumental Antonio V. Liberti

Referee: Yael Falcon Peres

Attendees: Facundo Rodriguez and Gerardo Lencina

Fourth referee: Fernando Echenique

VAR: Hector Paletta

TV: TNT Sports