“I do not guarantee that tomorrow they can put a sack of cocaine in me”: the resounding phrases of the president of the Spanish federation in the midst of the scandal with Piqué

The president of the RFEF defended himself against the accusations against him

Keep going the scandal in soccer in Spain after the leak of audios between the figure of Barcelona Gerard Piqué and the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation Luis Rubialesin which both would have agreed a commission of 24 million euros for Cosmosthe sporting events company chaired by the Catalan defender, to transfer the Spanish Super Cup to Saudi Arabia, according to the European media The confidential.

Faced with this scenario, and after the appearance of more audios of the talk that both protagonists maintained, the one who appeared before the press to give his version of the situation was Rubiales himself. The head of the RFEF was forceful in his statements and remarked that he does not know what more actions he could suffer in a “mafia act” which is already in the hands of the relevant authorities.

“I ask them to talk about the crime they have committed, which is barely being talked about. Who does this benefit? Yor I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke… but I can’t guarantee that tomorrow they can put a sack of cocaine in my trunk. I’ve had a bad time because people have been harmed”, Rubiales told the press during his presentation.

“Doesn’t it seem like a mafia action that they have stolen this from me with the interest of selling it to the press and damaging my image and putting some audios and not the answers? This is a mob. I don’t think I’ll see myself to the point of seeing myself in a ditch with a shot to the back of the head, but why don’t I see myself with a sack of cocaine in the car”, added the president of the federation.

It should be noted that in its investigation, the Spanish portal that had access to documents and private audio messages between Piqué and Rubiales, indicated that the RFEF received 40 million euros (43 million dollars) per season for each of the six editions to be organized in the Middle East from 2020 (240 million euros in total, 260 million dollars). In this framework, the soccer player’s company would receive 4 million euros (4.3 million dollars) per edition, which would mean an income of 24 million euros (26 million dollars).

What was Rubiales’ response to this? “The RFEF does not pay anything to Kosmos, find out. Saudi Arabia does. There is no financial relationship. another lie. Spain is among the 15 most important countries for exports to Arabia. Inditex, Renfe… Can’t football? We have worked well and honestly. The women’s club did not receive 5,000 euros and now receives 25 million euros. We are the most supportive federation with modest football. It will continue to be the basis of our management, ”he clarified.

Piqué, the other involved in the scandal of the leaked audios for the arrangement of the Spanish Super Cup between his company and the RFEF

When I called Piqué I told him “I’m worried that it will spill on you, for your family, for my family…”. I do not deserve this, my daughters and my family do not deserve this. I have never received as many messages as I have these days. I want to thank the people who are close to me, Spanish football, that after this new attack I want to thank for being more united than ever”, added Rubiales about the situation he is experiencing and how it affected the other involved in the attack. case.

Regarding the contract signed with the Kosmos company and the relationship with the Asian country, the head of the Spanish federation also clarified that the data in the journalistic report is not accurate.

“We have a contract subject to confidentiality. Once we have obtained authorization with Saudi Arabia, we have come to give explanations. It is four years of presidency and I have suffered many attacks. Not a single week without attacks, complaints… Continuous avalanches. This is being more than usual and is exceeding limits, ”Rubiales began.

“Everything that has been done, has been communicated. This contract is no longer valid for this season. It was three seasons and is no longer operational. In the 2020 Assembly, a new relationship was approved that allowed Saudi to pay 40 million euros without the Super Cup being played there. This allowed the survival of many humble clubs. Now a contract appears that is not even valid in this medium … ”, he added.

The first edition of the Spain Supercup in the territory of this gulf monarchy took place in January 2020 between the FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid and Valencia, and was won by Merengue in the classic against Colchonero. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the 2021 version was played in Spain -Athletic Bilbao won it after beating Barcelona in the final-, while this year’s version was played again in the Middle East and remained for the White House.


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