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Google Opinion Rewards, an application for Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones, rewards users who answer opinion surveys on the platform. For those who have a smartphone with Google’s operating system, payment is made in credits, to be used in the Play Store — such as to subscribe to YouTube Premium and Google One. iOS users, however, receive the amounts in a PayPal account. The released forms, based on location and search history, have a deadline to be answered. See, in the following tutorial, how to use Google Opinion Rewards.

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Google Opinion Rewards rewards users who answer surveys sent through the platform — Photo: Unsplash

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Step 1. Open Google Play Store or App Store and download Google Opinion Rewards. After the process is complete, open the app and log in with your Gmail credentials, or register manually.

Go to the Play Store and download the Google Opinion Rewards app — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

Step 2. After allowing access to the location history, the app will ask you to configure the profile by filling in various information, such as country, zip code, age and gender. The data will be used to define the type of survey to be sent.

Setting up a profile in the Google Opinion Rewards application — Photo: Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

Step 2. After answering a test questionnaire, the user is redirected to the application’s home page. Then, when Google Opinion Rewards releases the first official survey, tap on “New Survey Available.” Then accept the terms by pressing “Ok, I got it” and start taking the survey. Note that there is a notice stating that the survey expires in six hours and must be answered within the deadline stipulated by the app to be computed.

When opening the app, click on “New survey available” to answer — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

Step 3. The more surveys the user responds quickly, the more will be sent in the long run. The amount paid per survey varies, but revolves around less than one dollar. To increase the number of searches sent by Google, leave mobile location enabled.

Answer all survey questions to receive your participation credit — Photo: Reproduction/Raisa Capela

Step 4. After accumulating balances, you can redeem rewards on the Play Store if you are an Android user. To do this, open the Google app store and select the app you want to buy. Under payment methods, tap the “Google Play Balance” option, then press “Buy” to start the download. For premium subscriptions, the procedures can be performed within the apps themselves. If you have an iPhone, just access your registered PayPal account to get the balance obtained from the Google Opinion Rewards application.

Home page of the Google Play Store, official store for Android applications — Photo: Reproduction/Mariana Tralback

Ready. Take the opportunity to download Google Opinion Rewards and earn money by answering surveys.

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