How to replace Julián Álvarez?

As if he had been visited by one of Charles Dickens’s Christmas specters, River has experienced in these last two games what will invariably be true from July 7: Life without Julián Álvarezadmitted yesterday, with the restraint that characterizes it, even by President Jorge Brito.

If before Banfield and Workshops the absence was perceived of that striker who is easily associated with midfielders to create spaces, who sacrifices himself on the mark and who even in the midst of personal drought -he has five games without converting- continues to be decisive, the “from the gestural point of view, everything would indicate that Julián will leave mid-year” pronounced by the club’s top leader can be read as the initial kick to start thinking about the sequence of 9.

A succession that not only worries Gallardo: it disturbs the fans, who have already begun to miss the jewel on account.

That Julián’s loss due to injury has exposed a lack within a greater one (that of the meager turnover due to levels that are below Gallardo’s standard) is an immediate problem: the mediate is how it will be replaced in the second part of the year, where the end of the history of the Gallardo cycle will probably be played.

It is clear that Brian Romero He can only be a replacement for the Cordovan in a few minutes of a game, no more than that. And that although the Colombian appears from the Inferiores showcase Flabian Londono and that behind him excites Joaquin Panichellia hitch turned 9 that stands out in Reserve that lacks the logical development to imagine it in First, the Araña will leave a void that must be filled with a footballer of similar (or at least similar) hierarchy.

The options to replace the Spider

Taty is still in the orbit of River (REUTER).

This is where the output of Alvarez offers financial liquidity that allows immediate reinvestment. In this context, the good relationship between River and the City Group, buyer of JA9, was deepened in the meeting that Brito and Francescoli held in Madrid with Ferrán Soriano (executive director of the MCFC), Txiki Bergistain (Football Director), Joan Patxi and Omar Berrada (CEO of the CG). There the parties agreed on mutual priorities in the face of crossed interests by soccer players belonging to both institutions. And an immediately attractive case in Núñez is that of Valentín Castellanos, the 9 that Gallardo imagined to work on in the medium term contemplating Álvarez’s exodus.

In February the negotiations for the forward of the New York City they were unsuccessful because time was not enough for the leaders to structure a financial engineering that would allow them to buy Taty, who was interested in wearing the CARP shield embroidered on his left nipple, with staggered investments until reaching a majority percentage of a pass priced at US$15,000,000.

Resuming those talks to reuse a good part of the income from Julián’s pass appears as a potential alternative, although this time from Núñez they will compete with the proposals that Castellanos receives from Europe, the market that most attracts him. If plan V does not work, another player from the HQ team as nahuel busts -in Granada- may be a possibility, but not a priority.

Because, independently of the fact that in July the Lucas Beltran de Colón, Gallardo will need a 9 that needs as little time as possible to adapt. Something that only ensures the hierarchy, always valued in millions of euros.

In this sense, the range could be extended to players who know River -and the River of MG- like the always appetizing Sebastián Driussi, with a difficult exit from Austin FC in the MLS although of confessed continuous dialogue with the Doll, and Lucas Alario, the second scorer of the cycle (along with Álvarez) and who this season played 898′ spread over 24 games -five goals- at Bayer Leverkusen. These two options would imply heavy investments, although necessary.

That is why even surnames that are interesting in local football like those of Ezekiel Bullaude (it is evaluated but as a bet), José López (was offered), Michael Santos or Miguel Merentiel, the priority is to have a 9 that can replace a battering ram like JA.

Jorge Britofor now, yesterday endorsed what Pep Guardiola had advanced in Ole: that if Manchester City had invested US$24,241,457 in his signing, it was to have the star striker of Argentine soccer “in the next season”.

In Europe, the departure of Alario from Bayer is predicted.  Will be?  (EFE).

In Europe, the departure of Alario from Bayer is predicted. Will be? (EFE).

The English are determined to execute the clause that for 1.5 million euros allows them to pick up Álvarez starting the day after the second leg of an eventual Copa Libertadores round of 16 tie. There are, then, 76 days left for that deadline.

In soccer time parameters, a maximum of 12 games for the leadership to accelerate on the issue at hand, even when they publicly deny that it is a concern: how to replace an Álvarez who has stood out for his goals -he scored 41 – but at the same time for his trade and sacrifice. Without a matching relay, City life will be complicated…

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