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Putting two photos on the WhatsApp profile is possible from a simple trick. By default, the messenger only allows you to add one profile picture at a time. However, the user can make a montage in an editing app and transform the two photos into one. The procedure is especially useful for those who are in doubt about which image to add to the messenger. So, see below how to put two photos on WhatsApp profile. It is worth mentioning that the collage was made in the PicsArt app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS).

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Tutorial teaches how to make a montage to join two photos to put on the WhatsApp profile; see how to do it — Photo: Marcela Franco/TechTudo

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How to put two pictures on WhatsApp profile

Step 1. Open the PicsArt app and, in the Collage area, tap on “Grids”. Once that’s done, look in the gallery for two photos you want to join and tap on them;

Picsart app has ready-made collage templates — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 2. Then, note that at the top of the screen some ready-made collage models will appear, so drag your finger to the side to view the assembly options. Remember that the WhatsApp profile picture has a square format. Therefore, it is worth choosing a model in these dimensions so that the framing is correct in the messenger. Then, after selecting an option, go to “Next”. In the editing tool, tap on one of the photos to adjust the image;

Action to select two images to assemble — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 3. Touch the green part that appears on the screen and drag the image vertically or horizontally to make the adjustment. Then, go to “Borders”, if you want to thin or thicken the frame of the montage;

Action to adjust images in the PicsArt app — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 4. Now, drag the white ball towards the left (to thin) or towards the right (to thicken) the edge. After editing the image, press the arrow icon. Once that’s done, tap “Save”;

Action to adjust the thickness of the edge of the montage — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 5. Tap “Save” again to save the image to your device. Now, open WhatsApp and, on the home screen, tap on the three dots located at the top of the screen;

Action to save montage made in PicsArt — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 6. Then go to “Settings”. Once that’s done, tap on your current profile picture;

Action to access WhatsApp settings — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 7. Press again on your profile picture and go to “Gallery”;

Action to choose the new WhatsApp profile picture in the gallery — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Step 8. Select the folder where the montage is located and then click on the image you want to place in the WhatsApp profile. Once that’s done, tap “OK” to complete the action.

Action to put two photos on the WhatsApp profile — Photo: Reproduction/Marcela Franco

Ready! Take advantage of the tutorial tips to put two profile pictures on WhatsApp.

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