How to prepare cucumber juice and what benefits does it have for the body?

Cucumber is a very versatile fruit that has been used in the kitchen for centuries not only for its flavor, but because it has multiple benefits, among which it stands out that it is rich in vitamin C and K, and minerals such as magnesium and manganese.

In addition, it is low in calories and its nutrients can prevent the reproduction of cancer cells, according to Medical News Today. Similarly, the portal explained that to receive all the properties of the cucumber, it is necessary to take it in juice.

Its nutritional value is concentrated in its shell and provides 16 calories in 100 grams, according to a study of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. For this reason, you can burn fat by consuming cucumber, in addition to being a great diuretic that facilitates the elimination of liquids and eliminates inflammation.

In addition, it has multiple polysaccharides, which have antioxidant activity, according to a study published in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules.

Being a food rich in water, it has a certain diuretic effect. According to data from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, It contains some amount of folate, thiamin and niacin. Likewise, it is considered the perfect companion in detox diets as it helps eliminate accumulated liquids in the body and promotes the elimination of waste from the body, as it is considered a great ally for the detoxification of the body.

What benefits does the body receive from drinking cucumber juice?

1. Hydration:

Because cucumber is made up of 96% water, it will hydrate the body in an important way. In addition, it contains significant amounts of electrolytes that prevent dehydration in hot weather or during training.

2. Reduces the risk of cancer

On the other hand, cucumbers are rich in polyphenols, thanks to which they help reduce the risk of some types of cancer such as breast, uterine, ovarian and prostate. It is also rich in nutrients like cucurbitacin, which according to Medical News Today, may help prevent cancer by keeping malignant cells from reproducing.

3. Fight diabetes and cardiovascular problems

Cucumber helps lower blood sugar levels, control cholesterol and regulate insulin release. In that sense, consuming cucumber in different presentations significantly improves people’s health.

4. Helps lose weight

Being rich in fiber, water and low in calories, cucumber water or slices help maintain a healthy weight, as long as people maintain a balanced diet.

5. Benefits for the skin

A study published in the journal Phytotherapy establishes that cucumber helps to eliminate accumulated waste bags inside the organism and chemical toxins. In addition, they are good skin allies thanks to their high water content and a certain amount of vitamins and minerals.

On the other hand, if the juice is mixed with lemon, the body will potentially receive not only vitamin C, but also antioxidants, other of the skin’s greatest allies.

Preparation of juice

The portal specialized in gastronomy, gastrolabensures that the combination of cucumber and lemon can enhance the properties already mentioned above. In addition, it helps to deflate the belly, especially when it has been eaten in excess. To do this, it is possible to prepare a drink that you need: three pieces of lemon, half a previously washed cucumber and a cup of water.


1. Cut the lemon into pieces and extract the juice from them.

two. In a blender, put all the ingredients together with the lemon juice.

3. Blend until all the products are mixed correctly.

Four. Serve and consume in the morning.