How to cook barbecue on a balcony without making smoke

The city of Rosario has a large number of buildings and apartmentsmany of them with small balconies or none. This eliminates the possibility of thinking about cooking on the grill mainly due to the smoke production that is usually generated and, in addition, by the space required to install a grill.

Nevertheless, for more than two decades, in South Africa a was designed ideal type of grill for those who are in the steppe could achieve a easy, fast and safe cooking which in turn does not generate any type of pollution. For this, they implemented the use of dried corn corn like charcoal, in English called “Cobb”. With awards for its design and technology, this type of grill arrived in Argentina.

Julián is part of a family of entrepreneurs and, among all, they started COBB Grill Argentina. In dialogue with Rosario3detailed: “When one of my sisters and I left home, my dad started thinking about how he could continue making asadobut no need to turn on the grill only for two or three people. So met COBBsaw what it was about product versatility and adaptability, and thus contacted its parent company in South Africa. After a good time and With the approval of Anmat, we were able to start bringing this artifact to the country”.

Grill without disturbing

“The key point for a department is that the COBB does not make smoke, since what usually generates it is the fat that drips on the coals. Here that doesn’t happen because the iron has holes and the fat falls to the sides without touching the coalJulian explained.

Inside the grill is a small basket for charcoal. Underneath it is placed cotton soaked in pharmacy alcohol that is lit with a match. Then the basket with the charcoal is placed on top. In this way it is possible to obtain embers identical to those of a traditional grill, but only needing 300 grams of charcoal for a complete roast.

There is not always time to make a fire, nor is everyone so cool with this action. This is another point in favor because it is extremely easy: only with the cotton, the fire and the charcoal well placed, the process completes itself, and in 15 or 20 minutes the embers are done”, he referred.

Above this base is placed a plate with holes and, on it, the grill grid to cook meat, vegetables or whatever you want. For its part, the space around the charcoal can be used to place foil-wrapped vegetables. “Other people choose to place beer or wine to flavor the food with the vapors”, added the entrepreneur.

The base always stays cold, isolated from the rest of the grill by rubber pads that act as thermal insulators. For this reason It is very safe and can be placed on any type of surface: a glass, wood or plastic table, the floor of a park, it can even be used in boating. Also as It weighs only 4 kilos and comes with its transport bag, it is very easy to take it anywhere. Everything is done in stainless steel and has a two-year warranty.

In addition, they can be added various accessories, among which a stone for making pizza, a wok and a teflon-coated steak stand out. Among the options is a standard measure to cook up to 3 kilos of meat, or a larger one that serves up to 9 people.

The official showroom It is located at Domingo Faustino Sarmiento 3482 (olives), with Outlets nationwide. in Rosariothey are found in Colombres Avenue 1320 and Vélez Sarsfield 6842. In turn, they can be online shopping through his official Web site (, your instagram profile (@cobb.grill.argentina) or his WhatsApp 11-23996614. By the same means, it is possible to consultations or receive advice 24 hours even already having the COBB.