How much does it cost to eat in the best Spanish restaurants?


Lemon oyster from Mugaritz.JOSE LUIS LOPEZ DE ZUBIRIA

the olympus of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022 is already defined. Once again, London hosted the Oscars of Gastronomy, in which the Danish Geranium fulfilled the forecasts and reached the highest position in the ranking, replacing his compatriot Noma de Rene RedzepiWhat’s up Best of the Best, the hall of fame of former number 1s. On the national side, the Barcelonan Enjoy came in third place, followed by DiverXO (Madrid), which was in 20th place in the previous edition. Asador Etxebarri drops three positions, but remains among the top 10, occupying sixth place. The list of 50 is completed with three other national kitchens: Elkano, in 16th place; Mugaritz, who drops from position 14 to 21; and, Quique Dacosta Restaurante, which returns to the ranking at number 42 with its Denia restaurant with three Michelin stars.

Enjoy (Barcelona)

the chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casanas Y Edward Xatruch They rule in the kitchens of Enjoy. All three worked at El Bulli. After closing in 2011, they opened Compartir in Cadaqués in April 2012 and, shortly after, in December 2014, Enjoy, in Barcelona’s Eixample, just in front of the Mercado del Nino. Its gastronomic proposal revolves around the tasting menu, with a clearly avant-garde cuisine, where the dishes stand out for their great personality, markedly Mediterranean. They offer two menus, Enjoy Classic, made up of creations that have become classics of the house (235 euros) and, at the same price, Enjoy Festival, made up mostly of creations created during the current season. Apart from the normal pairing (110 euros) have another semi dealcoholized (145 euros), designed for customers who want to live an experience with a different pairing of wines with a very low percentage of alcohol

DiverXO (Madrid)

Last December, the three Michelin star restaurant in David Munoz announced that it was raising the price of its tasting menu, The kitchen of the flying pigsfrom 250 to €365. If you opt for the option to taste the selection of wines selected by the sommelier Miguel Angel Millan you have to add 150 euros to the bill, while if you opt for a high-class pairing the disbursement amounts to 300 euros. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the NH Eurobuilding hotel, but it is planned that by the first quarter of 2024 it will have moved to Pozuelo, to a larger space surrounded by nature with Finca as a partner.

Etxebarri Grill (Axpe)

The Asador Etxebarri website, opened in 1991, is as simple as its cuisine. If in the second premium the seasonal product of the highest quality grilled, whether it is meat, vegetables or seafood, in the first one goes straight to the point as soon as you click: “The price of our menu is 242 euros (taxes included). Payment will be made in advance, and for the total number of diners on your reservation”. Of course, it no longer happens as before, when you could call the Axpe farmhouse, on the slopes of Mount Amboto, the day before and reserve a table without biggest problem. Bittor Arginzonizwho is considered grill before cookhas crossed borders. They only offer midday services (they close in August and from December 24 to January 10) and after selecting the date you want to go, the restaurant will send you the confirmation if there are places.

Elkano (Getaria)

The grill founded by Peter Arregui in 1964, which is now taken care of by his son Aitor, a former Villarreal and Alavés footballer, is one of Getaria’s gems. Its holm oak charcoal grill on the street gives a good account of an establishment in which freshness and temporality set the tone. His turbot, admired by his own colleagues in the guild, is considered one of the best in the world. Is served with lourdes water, its famous secret formula sauce, and practically everything is eaten (and enjoyed). His tasting menu is from 100 euros.

Mugaritz (Errenteria)

The Chef’s Beloved Basque Restaurant Andoni Luis Aduriz Located in a cozy farmhouse among centuries-old oak trees, it continues with its proposal of “feeding the mind by feeding curiosity, the senses or desire”. For about three hours, and through about 23-25 ​​creations, build a story “of stories, gestures and emotions around the table”. From the moment that it is reserved until the day of the diner’s visit, they ask for different information to offer a personalized experience. In order to confirm your reservation it is necessary to pay 110 euros of the 242 euros per guest What does the menu cost without drinks? This amount will be deducted from the final invoice. In case of not being able to attend, the date can be modified or the reservation transferred to a third party. This deposit is non-refundable, except in cases of duly accredited force majeure.

Quique Dacosta Restaurant (Denia)

They say (and it is true) that The most valuable thing in life is not things, but moments. That it is not about collecting objects but experiences, that there is nothing more beautiful than sharing. So, what better gift than an unforgettable day at Quique Dacosta Restaurant?” This is how the three-starred Dacosta, one of the great chefs and entrepreneurs in Spain, presents his gift menu options: 250 euros the tasting menu costs; 260 euros the hydrated, which is not paired; 420 euros the Harmonies Menu (with welcome drink and harmony of wines) and €448 the complete experience (welcome drink, harmony of wines, water, coffee and cocktail.).

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