How much does it cost to eat in the 6 Spanish restaurants chosen as the best in the world


Updated at 4:38 p.m.

Last Monday, ‘The World’s Best 50 Restaurants’ published the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world, six of them Spanish. Enjoy, DiverXO, Asador Etxebarri, Elkano, Mugaritz and Quique Dacosta won the awards. The opposites are very varied: roasts, bohemian and avant-garde cuisine, and current and timeless dishes.

This is what it costs to eat in the best restaurants in Spain:


Main Image - Enjoy



Led by Mateu Castañas Oriol Castro and Eduard Catruch, Enjoy has two Michelin stars and is the third best restaurant in the world. Located in the Eixample. your menu ‘Enjoy Classic’made up of classic dishes from the house, is priced at 235 euroslike ‘Enjoy Festival’, an alternative proposal with more current and seasonal dishes. The pairing to accompany these two menus costs 110 euros, 35 euros less than the option with reduced alcohol. Finally, Enjoying puts an end to its proposals with ‘living table’a special experience that must be booked by email and that ranges from 1000 euros if it is individual, up to 350 euros per person in the case of going in a group of five to six people.


Main image - DiverXO



The three-starred DiverXO, Dabiz Muñoz’s restaurant, opened its doors in 2007, and holds the position of the fourth best restaurant in the world. They define their cuisine as “hedonistic, greedy and creative”. Your proposal consists of a menu ‘The kitchen of the flying pigs’for a price of €365. The offer of wines and a perfect pairing is essential in haute cuisine restaurants. In this case, the wine selection cost 150 euros per person, and the pairing selected specifically for this menu, 300 euros.


Main image - Etxebarri Grill


Etxebarri Grill

The star-studded Etxebarri steakhouse has taken sixth place in the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world. Located in Atxondo, the ’50 Best’, “it is famous for being able to grill practically anything and for obtaining incredible flavors from seemingly simple ingredients.” The menu is valued at 242 euros, and must be paid in advance for the total number of guests in the reservation. Their proposal is clear and closed, since they do not have a menu for vegetarians or vegans. The reservation must be minimum two people and maximum six, and recommend the attendance of children from twelve years old.


Main image - Elkano



Elkano, located in Getaria, Guipuzkoa, has a Michelin star and finds the reason for its work beats in its surroundings. According to the restaurant, the avant-garde and tradition are mixed in their cuisine, and they try to reinvent themselves while maintaining the way of working from their origins. The average price of the proposal of this restaurant is around 100 euros per person.


Main image - Mugaritz



Mugaritz’s menu, with two Michelin stars, costs 242 euros. Of that amount, 110 euros must be paid in advance, which will not be refundable in the case of changes not notified before 42 hours prior to the reservation. The number of proposals on the menu ranges between 23 and 25, they are closed and do not give an option to choose. For the most detailed, there is the option of giving away the ‘Mugaritz’ experience, which unlike the menu, does include pairing. This is valued at 350 euros per person.


Main Image - Quique Dacosta


Quique Dacosta

The cuisine of the Quique Dacosta restaurant has three Michelin stars and is considered one of the most avant-garde in the world, and this year, number 42 in the world. After a great dialogue between the chef and himself and in search of identifying what his cuisine transmits, the menu emerges ‘cooking beauty’. The proposal is valued at €250 per person, without forgetting the pairing. The harmony of wines, an optional accompaniment, is valued at 150 euros.