How much does it cost to eat at Quintonil and Pujol, the two Mexican restaurants that appeared among the 10 best in the world

The Pujol restaurant appeared in position 5 worldwide. (Photo: Facebook Pujol)

A few days ago, it was announced international ranking of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2022, in which they stood out two Mexican restaurants, which made the country be placed in the sights of the gastronomic world. Mexican restaurants, which ranked 9th and 5th, were Quintonil and Pujol, respectively.

Even the head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, He sent congratulations to both restaurants, as he said, it was a pride that two Mexican restaurants appeared on the list. “News from #MexicanPride. In Mexico City we have two of the best restaurants in the world, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants: Pujol and Quintonil. What an honor! ”, Was the message shared by the head of government of the capital on her social networks.

It was last Monday when the top 50 of the best restaurants worldwide, earlier, at the beginning of July, this classification created by the magazine Restaurant in 2002 and considered the Oscars of the gastronomic world, had announced a part of its list (from 51 to 100).

In addition to Pujol and Quintonil, that appeared in position 5 and 9, respectively, in Mexico restaurants also appeared Mayor, in position 51; Sud 777, in the 52nd place; Rosetta in 60th place and Máximo Bistrot, in 89th. Also, it highlights kol, in 73rd place, from London, which is from Mexican chef Santiago Lastra and Cosme, in 69th placeof New York, which was founded by the Mexican Enrique Olvera, from Pujol, and is directed by Gustavo Garnica.

Pujol Restaurant was considered the best in North America.  (Photo:
Pujol Restaurant was considered the best in North America. (Photo:

The Pujol restaurant, from the chef Enrique Olvera, is located in the streets of the Polanco neighborhood, one of the most exclusive areas of Mexico City. It has advanced by leaps and bounds, and its history began in the year 2000.

After reaching 9th place on the list in 2021, this year he moved up four positions to 5th place and was named the Best Restaurant in North America 2022.

It is a place of Signature Mexican cuisine, with local products. Olvera, its owner, sought to return to the techniques, spices and history of Mexican cuisine, from which he uses techniques from all times.

Its famous dish is the famous mother mole/old mole. These are two circles of sauce, in the center there is one, freshly made and colored; it is placed on top of a larger one, dark, almost black and reheated for years. It is eaten alone, with a corn tortilla with holy leaf.

Mexican chef Enrique Olvera owns the Pujol restaurant.  REUTERS/Gustavo Graf
Mexican chef Enrique Olvera owns the Pujol restaurant. REUTERS/Gustavo Graf

Pujol has two tasting menus with ingredients from Mexican cuisine; each consists of seven dishes that change with the season and a reservation is required.

Prices without drinks are 2,565 for the traditional tasting and 2,900 for the bar tasting.

In its wine list there are drinks that start near the 900 pesos and can reach 13 thousand. The cup goes to 300 to 700 pesos, about. There are also hot drinks such as green tea and infusions of chamomile, lemon balm (60 pesos) and pot coffee (65 pesos).

The restaurant that appeared in position 9, Quintonilis also found in Polancoand it is a project led by Alejandra Flores and Jorge Vallejo. It opened its doors in 2012, and seeks to “express in its menu the flavors of the ingredients of the Mexican territory under a personal look”.

Quintonil Restaurant (Photo:
Quintonil Restaurant (Photo:

Since 2015 it has been on the list The 50 Best World’s Restaurantsthis 2022 jumped from position 27 to number 9 and chef Jorge Vallejo won the Estrella Damm Chef’s Choice award.

The restaurant Quintonil offers different experiences, they have a nine-course tasting menu that has a price of 4 thousand 37 pesos per person and increases two thousand pesos if pairing is included.

Also, It has a menu called “kitchen bar”, that roams between 4 thousand 500 pesos per person or 6 thousand 520 if the pairing is included. They also have an a la carte service where you can eat for around 1,500 pesos. There are entries from around 250 pesos, mains from 450 to 600 and desserts from 150 to 200 pesos.

You find, for example, a charcoal-roasted chicken with macadamia mole, peaches and clam marinade, with a price of 631 pesos; or local products such as Atocpan mole, seasonal vegetables, sourdough bread, priced at 455 pesos.


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