Hot dog el Once, inspired by Jorge “Mágico” González, grows and its owner thinks about franchises

The venture that was born in June 2021 as “Hot dog el Once”, inspired by the number that Jorge “Mágico” González used for many years, is growing like wildfire and according to its owner it aims to become a true source of work .

The idea that emerged to survive in difficult times of covid-19 with a cart on the right sidewalk of Sierra Nevada Avenue in the Miramonte neighborhood now has its own place. In addition, two additional carts for customer service and one more to attend events such as private meetings, parties, birthdays, fifteen years, weddings, or whatever the client wants to celebrate with a hot dog and a soda in hand.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal

Its owner Álvaro Guerrero is happy, since after employing only two people, he has now gone to six or even seven people. Also, it is helped by the services of a home delivery company that brings hot dogs on special occasions.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal

Guerrero, who is a lover of soccer and good music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, wrapped his entrepreneurship with the figure of “Mágico” González and it worked for him. What’s more, some hot dogs are named ‘culebrita macheteada’, in honor of one of the most emblematic plays of the player born in the Luz neighborhood of the Salvadoran capital on March 13, 1958.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal

Each prepared bun, known in other countries as ‘hot dogs’, is worth $1.00 USD. Guerrero and his collaborators prepare them with a special sausage stuffed with cheese, lined with bacon flakes, with a special house sauce and chimichurri. “People tell me why I give them so cheap, and I tell them it’s because I want to create jobs and that I’m going to keep that price as long as I can,” he said.

There are combos available of three ‘macheteadas snakes’ plus a can of soda for the price of $2.50.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal

The new and first business location opened its doors on June 1. It does not have tables or chairs, but only a few benches, it has a green carpet simulating a soccer field, a mural of González wearing the Cádiz uniform and a dressing room where Mágico is written on the top, the blue shirt of the national team with the number 11 and a hat with the respective wand symbolically used by magicians. At the back of the premises are two more hot dog carts and it is in front of these two flavor stations where customers line up to purchase their food.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal

“Since they started with the cart out there I buy them, my son asks me for four or six just for him and I eat three or four. The concept of the business is very interesting, since I saw the messages I knew that it was “the Bruja”, it is a good product and that is why I buy it,” said Fernando Miranda, who arrived at noon this Thursday for his endowment.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal

David Galeas, doctoral student in Dental Surgery at the Evangelical University, also came for his supply of bread along with other colleagues. “I’m from Cojutepeque, but my brother told me about these hot dogs; one day I came to try them and they are good,” said the young man. Galeas is also a soccer fan and the name of the business catches his attention, since he knows about the exploits of Jorge “Mágico” González, who still owes the visit to the business that was inspired by him to spread his brand.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal

González recently signed a replica of the Spain 82 national team shirt to the owner of the business, which is in the process of being framed to be displayed on one of the walls of the premises.
In the future, Guerrero hopes to develop the franchise so that the “Eleven Hot Dogs” go to all corners of El Salvador and why not, beyond the national borders. You can follow this entrepreneurship on TikTok, Instagram, on Facebook.

Photo: LPG/ Jorge Carbajal







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