Horrific restaurant inspections from Miami to Palm Beach

On This Week’s List of South Florida’s Sick and Shut Down Restaurants That Failed Inspection, Moisture Brings Mold, While Denny’s Brings the Music funkyafter a week of vacation on the beach.

Let’s go there.


The following report on restaurant inspections in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe counties was submitted by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). The restaurant that fails the inspection will remain closed until it passes a re-inspection.

If someone sees a problem and wants a certain location inspected, they should call DBPR, not us.

Some violations are corrected after the inspector points them out. But, one would have to ask: why are there so many violations? And how long would they have stayed if an inspection had not been carried out?

We do not report all violations, but the most serious ones, and we report them without passion or prejudice, although, yes, with a certain amount of humor.

In alphabetical order:

Bahamian Reef Seafood Restaurant, located at 7836 NW 44 Street, Sunrise: Routine inspection. A total of 14 violations, three of them High Priority.

From the beginning, this week’s restaurant contestant participated in the program “What is worse?”.

Is “a live cockroach seen walking across the cutting board with cut files” worse?

Is “two live cockroaches walking on clean dishes on a shelf” worse?

Perhaps “about 50 or more live cockroaches roaming the kitchen area, in the three-compartment sink, a prep table, dishes, and equipment?”

Or “approximately 150 dead cockroaches throughout the entire facility?”

Perhaps “about 30 rodent droppings on the floor under a convection oven and microwave near a row of cookware?”

Pick the winner! As an award to the restaurant, we’re not going to mention where the other 12 live roaches were.

The cutting boards had “mold”. The fridge and freezers had grease and food leftovers.

The Reef passed a re-inspection days later.

Chela’s Mexican Food & Bar, located at 11150 Okeechobee Boulevard, Royal Palm Beach: Routine inspection. A total of six violations, two of them High Priority.

The only sink in the kitchen was broken, so it didn’t much matter whether or not the employees could dry their hands.

The number of live cockroaches reached 11.

Chela’s passed a re-inspection two days later.

Denny’s, located at 5710 N. University Drive, Tamarac: Inspection by complaint. A total of 16 violations, five of them High Priority.

What the hell is up with a Denny’s?

An inspection in which the word “mold” and the phrase “a nasty smell” appear with the same frequency as the catchy “Dun Dun” sound of a guitar appears in an episode of Law & Order.

The inspector found that “sewer water accumulated on the floor after scrubbing and flushing toilets. An unpleasant odor filled everything.


Just a live cockroach, but it seems that the parents did not raise them very well. There were “five or more cockroach droppings on the floor and five more near the microwave and sink.”

Nine dead cockroaches.

“Pervasive odors in the utensil row, dishwashing area, kitchen area, and other areas of the establishment.”


“The sink next to the row of utensils had mold on the inside and outside.”


Two dead flies in a fridge.

Two live flies, on a dry shelf.


“All the walls and cabinets in the kitchen area had grease and mold.”


“The entire floor in the kitchen area had a lot of grease, leftover food, and a very unpleasant odor.”


“The floors full of slime, grease and in the scrubbing area, and the kitchen area.”


And, on this occasion, the Denny’s ice machine had a “large buildup of a black to greenish mold-like substance inside.”


The Denny’s passed a reinspection the next day.

Miami Subs, located at 891 Commercial Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale: Complaint inspection. A total of eight violations, one of them High Priority.

Seeing a Miami Subs makes middle-aged people smile the same way they do when told about American Gladiators.

The inspector found five live cockroaches, including two in a condiment cupboard and another two under a prep table.

Some fridges were very dirty.

This Miami Subs passed a re-inspection the next day.

Pei Wei Fresh Kitchen, located at 1831 S. Federal Highway, Delray Beach: Routine inspection. A total of four violations, two of them High Priority.

The third string in a row! A Worthwhile Natural Magician Trick To Bring Aretha Franklin Back Singing Chain of Fools.

Of the 10 live cockroaches, there was one on top of a magnetic knife and another six on the walls and floor near the dishwasher.

Similarly, near the dishwasher there were more than 10 “little flies on and around a bucket with a towel”.

The floor under the shelves in front of the three-compartment sink was “dirty with lots of food leftovers.”

Pei Wei passed a re-inspection three days later.

Translation of Jorge Posada