He showed how much it costs to eat at a luxury grill: it went viral

If you have a place to light a fire in your house and you can do without going to some of the so many good grills in Buenos Aires, then it is important to draw accounts beforehand. It happens that the meat price it is one of the many headaches that the Government has in the “war” against inflation.

The latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) marked a 6% of headline inflation in April, above the projections of most market analysts.

With this percentage, inflation in the first four months of the year reached 23.1%. While, interannual inflation (of the last 12 months) reaches 58%. This last figure is the worst recorded since 1992, thirty years ago.when in January the annual accumulated had been 76%.

This rise considerably increased the cost of making the famous “sunday roast“. Such a classic Argentina that is increasingly expensive and that, as shown by the sector’s own statistics, repeats less and less frequently.

Inflation considerably increases the price of the roast

Expensive Grill vs. Cheap Grill

To refer to this topic, the user of YouTube Coco Maggioan Argentine who lives in Peru and who came to visit Buenos Aires, uploaded a video about the different prices what’s in the meatand how much it can vary eating roast.

“Here you can get quality meat practically everywhere and there are prices for all tastes”, begins by saying the young youtuber.

There is rich, good and tasty meat for a very comfortable price and there is also Premium quality meat scattered all over the world.. That’s why today I invite you to do a versus of expensive grill and cheap grill“, he adds.

The first grill they visit is Don Julio, one of the most famous in Argentina, and recognized worldwide. There, a very good quality roast, which included chorizo, sweetbreads, chitterlings, provolone and vacuum for three people plus the drink had a value of 18,120 pesos (about 90 dollars at the exchange rate in which the video was uploaded, a month ago).

The comparison was with a more popular and cheaper grill, charlie’s thing, where they also ordered chitterlings, roast strip, fries and dessert, in addition to the drink. In this case, the cost was 4,870 pesos (about 20 dollars)

Meat gets the biggest gains

If we analyze the meat basket, from December 2019 to March 2022, we will see that this government takes the highest increases in these products, where the roast increased by 235%, the “buttock” cut 219%, the minced meat 218%, the shoulder 217% and the rump 203 percent.

According to the Rosario Livestock Market report, the latest increases in this basket were what pushed the inflationary acceleration in the food category.

For this basket, the government throws like this more measures to moderate prices such as the “care cuts program” that will govern all of 2022 in more than 1,000 outlets, both in supermarket chains and in participating butcher shops.

With Alberto, an inflation of more than 131% accumulated

The government of Alberto Fernández in its first 27 months is leaving so far an inflation of more than 131% accumulated. They insist on responding to this problem with the same old recipes that did not work.

Also, it is still argued that the price spike is caused by speculators and greedy traders that increase the value of goods and services to increase their profits at the expense of consumers.

Nevertheless, the increase in all prices is due to the fiscal imbalance maintained by the national State. For attack the problempolicymakers must be able to recognize that in these 27 months they only took measures to keep the fiscal deficit standing.

Unfortunately, inflation for Argentina is not a new phenomenon as it has been around for decades. If we take the data from 2011 to today, in 60% of the time in these years, inflation was between 21% and 40 percent.

If we continue with measures that continue without attacking the fiscal imbalance, Argentina could become a country where the only way out will be to wait for hyperinflation to have a new start and reset the political gaze to solve one of the most important problems.