He really wants to live

“The leukemia picture manifested itself when the pandemic started, back in April 2020 and since then the fight with chemotherapy began. They reset his bone marrow and returned to generating good cells, for which he was discharged”specified the father of Felix, fruit of his love Ximena Capristo.

“Later he began to have check-ups every six months and all his studies were fine. Until suddenly one day he felt bad again, very tired. He missed the record going to the supermarket. He was walking and noticed that he felt like no air” detailed about the illness suffered by his brother.

And he remarked: “Walter is very healthy, a great athlete, he goes to the gym almost every day and never had a health problem, until this was revealed to him. He didn’t become a professional footballer for two minutes, but he catches on in all the tournaments and games that may”.

“Playing in his favor is that he is a healthy kid. That helps him. For example, the first time he was hospitalized he was in intensive care twice. When they put all your blood values ​​at 0 after chemo, you are left without white blood cells, with very low defenses. Any bacteria that goes around there can complicate your life. He was in therapy twice and got rid of both, “ emphasized Gustavo Conti.

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“Now he had a similar sequence with a bacterium that got into his blood. Luckily they already found it and they are fighting it, but poor Walter they are pricking him everywhere. What he is going through is tremendous. He was going to leave this week discharged because the studies were good, but this complicated everything,” the actor said.

And about the procedure, Gustavo commented: “I estimate that he will go home in two weeks. And in less than a month he will be hospitalized again to do the bone marrow transplant with me. That is a great goal because he gave us 75% compatibility since we are children of the same parents”.

“They told us that with 50% compatibility we could already carry out the transplant. Think that there are people who wait for the donor all their lives and never arrive. Even so, we have to see if his marrow does not reject mine. He has to be medicated for a month to prepare his body and everything that a transplant implies. Let’s hope everything goes well. I have hope because he has a barbaric polenta and a lot of desire to live, “andHe explained with an open heart.

On how he lives being his brother’s donor, with you commented: “I’ve never been in a situation like this and this surprised us all, basically because Walter is very healthy. Of course when the doctors said they were going to see if we had a compatibility, I didn’t hesitate. I didn’t even ask what it’s like or what they’re going to do to me Here it is a matter of saving my brother’s life, as any person would.”

“I’m not afraid of doing it for myself, but in any case because of what might happen to him. What has to do with the treatment itself is dangerous, although they say that of all transplants, the marrow transplant is the simplest , to define it in some way”commented the former GH.

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Ximena Capristo spoke about the messages she found Gustavo Conti

Ximena Capristo remembered what happened to her partner Gustavo Conti when she found messages from him with another woman, which led to a source of conflict between the two.

invited to I must say it was inevitable to address the issue that had the media and all the curious on edge -there are many of them although some do not recognize it-: the Wandagate.

There, the former Big Brother tried to put himself in the shoes of Wanda remembering the crisis she experienced with the father of her child, Gustavo Contifinding various messages with different women through Instagram account.

By then, Ximena Capristo published those exposed chats and exposed their marital crisis. The truth is that when everyone believed that this would be the end of the couple, she forgave him, they were able to rebuild the relationship and today they continue. But the shock hit hard and she remembered it that way when she felt identified with the case of Wanda and company.


“I discover all these chats because we had an iPad on which we played music and he (Conti) had his Instagram there. So the messages came out while I was looking for a topic. It was like he had to see them, somehow. And this was many months before I told it.”recalled the woman Gustavo Conti.

So it was that, according to the story of the black Capristosat him down and suggested opening the couple. “’We are happy together, we love each other. Do you love me?’.’Yes’ he replied. ‘We have a beautiful son.’ ‘Yes’ He nodded again.

“‘Look how you like all the girls. It seems barbaric to me. But why don’t you specify and be with them? I’m not going to leave you because I love you, because we’re family and because I don’t want to leave you But if you want to be with someone, you can. Let’s open up the couple and give each other a chance to see how it works’”detailed the star.

Of course, faced with the bewilderment of the proposal, with you He didn’t want to know anything about it. “He told me ‘No! Are you crazy?’ So I started pecking at some shows saying I wanted to open up the couple but Gus didn’t want to. And he, later, got angry with this situation”, sumo Ximena.

Thus, he compared the chats of with you with those of Mauro Icardi and detailed: “He was playing with this person. And in what Wanda shows they say they’re going to meet in a bowling alley, something like that… Well, this girl invites him to meet somewhere and he said they were going to cut him off. Lie! If we did not have any problem!”.

“This whole situation bothered me to such an extent, because he lied and made me look crazy. And the truth is that he was not good. I exposed him because I got angry at a dinner with friends, on a Sunday night, because of something he commented on at the table. So while we were in the car, I posted everything to him. That was the day of the impulse”, finished off Ximena Capristo putting himself in the place of Wanda Nara Before your publication of ‘Another family you killed for being a bitch!’ and everything that came after.