He couldn’t buy a McDonalds Big Mac for his son and he solves it with creativity

  • With a brand value of more than 100 billion dollars, McDonald’s leads the ranking of the most valuable fast food restaurant chains (2019 data).
  • Its strong presence in most countries through points of sale and advertising campaigns make its products magnets for consumers.
  • This story from Argentina shows the power of the McDonalds brand.

No matter what order of life it is, the creativitymany times, is the key to solutions.

Creativity is present as an innate quality of human beings and allows us to adapt to survive.

Creativity is vital to find solutions to problems and find new ways to cope with the tests that life throws at us, whether they are complex things or everyday situations.

Those who stimulate creativity, at the same time, build a stronger self-esteem that allows them to face different challenges that are put in front of them.

An interesting example of everyday creativity is this one that comes from Argentina, where a father and a mother used their ingenuity to give their child what he asked for during his vacation.

Creativity to fulfill your child’s wish for a McDonalds Big Mac

The incident took place in the city of Villa María, a city of no more than 150,000 inhabitants in the center of the country.

The family shared a video of what happened and the experience went viral, especially because of the child’s reaction when the parents creatively solved the request to go to McDonalds.

In Argentina, schoolchildren are enjoying the winter holidays, a brief period of two weeks without classes in the middle of the year, which coincides with the coldest days.

During the break, outings with the children are usually organized and, on these outings, some extra expenses are incurred to which families are usually accustomed.

Nevertheless, The crisis in Argentina is very hard these months.

Inflation so far this year exceeds 34 percent and labor informality is extreme.

To make matters worse, on July 2 the Minister of Economy resigned and the government of President Alberto Fernández is crossed by a crisis of power that some consider terminal.

These are times of collapsed domestic economies and A large part of the families do not have extra expenses other than daily food, transportation and medicine.

In the story that went viral this week after a video was posted on social media, the parents of a little boy found themselves at a crossroads when their son He asked them to go to a McDonalds to eat a “Big Mac”.

Since the father and mother did not have to afford this expense, they decided appeal to your creativity to solve the visit to McDonalds.

“I was forced to make a replica of hamburgers by making a bun and cutting a normal hamburger in four. I used some little boxes; I made the logo with a piece of the rice package, and the M with a piece of a bag of flour”, the father told the local newspaper Villa María Ya.

“When he got home, his emotion was so great that he wanted to share his hamburger with everyone,” said the man who posted the video on the networks.

The images with the emotion of the child became viral.

The man admits that he felt bad for cheating on him, adding: “I hope this improves so that I can meet my son and not have that taste in my mouth (although I did my best, my bread almost burned)” .

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