He bought a Subway sandwich before getting on a plane and made a mistake that cost him dearly


She was on the final leg of her vacation when she realized something was wrong. Her relaxing days in the Old Continent contrasted with the situation she experienced when she returned to her house: she expressed a mixture of anguish and discomfort, but she still managed to end up becoming a funny anecdote.

By: Clarin

A woman bought a Subway sandwich during a flight layover and ended up making a mistake that resulted in a large financial fine in her country. The story became a topic of conversation among thousands of users.

At the end of June, Jessica Lee was with her partner at the Singapore International Airport, the young woman told the Washington Post. They had both just enjoyed their visit to Greece and were now hoping for a connection that would take them back to their native Australia.

Lee, 19, became hungry as they waited to board the plane. Therefore, the protagonist of this story went to a local fast food chain specializing in sandwiches and then she bought a 30 cm one: she ordered it with chicken and lettuce.

“I ate half the sandwich before the flight and saved the rest to eat on the plane,” the Australian citizen recalled in the video she posted about it on her social media on July 1. According to her account, she asked the airline authorities if she could eat the sandwich during the trip and they told her that there was no problem.

what mistake did you make

Apparently, Lee didn’t feel that hungry on the flight. And he forgot about the Subway sandwich, which was stored in his bag along with some chocolates. Once she and her boyfriend landed in the city of Perth, they went through the usual airport checkpoints.

At that point, an airport agent began going through his belongings and soon spotted the half-finished sandwich. Immediately, the local authorities explained to Lee that he had broken a biosecurity rule.

The young woman forgot to indicate on the goods and food declaration form, which was given to her when there was little time left to land, that she had chicken and lettuce among her things: they are two foods strictly regulated by the Australian government.

“Our biosecurity system works both at the border and here at home to prevent and respond to the arrival and spread of harmful pests and diseases,” a spokeswoman for the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry told local news portal 7NEWS.

“?These pests and diseases could disrupt our agricultural industries, our natural environment and our national economy. Foods and ingredients that have not met our biosafety standards (or cannot be shown to meet them) are common and high-risk pathways for these threats.”

In the event that a passenger notifies that they are carrying food, they must go to a special office at the airport where a biosecurity officer will then be in charge of evaluating the situation and inspecting it. Because Lee did not declare the chicken and lettuce in the sandwich, he was fined 2,664 Australian dollars, or about 1,835 US dollars. He has a period of 28 days to pay it.

“I am very aware that this is my mistake and I take responsibility. I’m going to pay the fine, ”said the young woman on July 1 through the viral video that she uploaded to her TikTok account @_jessicaleeee: she already had more than 1 million views.

The Subway chain found out about what happened to Lee and decided to give him a $2,664 voucher – the same value as the fine – valid for use in its restaurants. In addition, the company sent him brand merchandising items.