Great goal from Messi for PSG to start screaming champion

As they had announced in a statement, the PSG ultras that occupy the Auteuil curve They leave the stadium, in disagreement with the leaders and some players due to the elimination against Real Madrid in the Champions League. They are going to celebrate elsewhere, outside, because they consider that the players are not worthy of their encouragement. They are a minority in a stadium that continues to have much of its capacity covered.

PSG’s offensive siege is crowned by Messi, on a night in which Pochettino’s team lacks precision or aim. If No. 30 finds it. The trident weaves a play and the ball reaches Messi, who from outside the area takes a furious left-footed shot, as if in anger, that gets into an angle. Rosario’s fourth goal in a Ligue 1 that PSG already has in its pocket.

With one more player due to Danso’s expulsion, PSG’s dominance is accentuated. Lens joins the lines near his area. Messi dribbles past a rival and assists Mbappé, whose cross is not used by Sergio Ramos, he shoots high.

The foul against Neymar at the front of the area that caused the expulsion of Danso was in charge Messi. He executed the free kick openly, over the barrier, to the far post of goalkeeper Leca, who flew in time and cleared the corner.

The controls and the gambetas of Neymar cause the expulsion of the Danso defender, that entered him at the wrong time and saw the second yellow card. The match is definitely ahead for PSG.

Neymar is fouled down, and while the Lens players remain protesting, Verratti plays quickly for Mbappé, who is left in front of the goalkeeper. Leca clears partially, the ball is left to the Frenchman again and his second touch is cleared over the line by Wooh. Mbappé is resisting the goal.

Mbappé controls the ball during the match with LensMichel Euler – AP

He does not control the PSG midfielder and he has to defend himself in an area. Clearances by Sergio Ramos and Marquinhos against a Lens that arrives from the outside and searches with centers.

Because of his propensity to drive the ball a lot, Neymar is exposed to fouls in a physically tough league. Sotoca cuts him off in midfield with a strong tackle.

The first half ends, 0-0, and the fans, especially the ultras, who walk with little patience and a lot of accumulated annoyance, fire the PSG players amid boos. Messi, with a serious face, takes a look at the stands.

Amid PSG’s offensive percussion, Lens also reacts, as if to set off local alarms. After a good collective maneuver, Clauss defines weak, at the hands of Navas. It was a goal play. Immediately, the imposing Fofana again comes off in attack and the shot goes just above the crossbar.

Mbappé, with a heel against the lateral line
Mbappé, with a heel against the lateral lineMichel Euler – AP

The Ligue 1 scorer walks with his sights straight, he is not hitting the last touch. Again Neymar puts him to run with a pass and the Frenchman, inside the area, takes a left footed shot without direction. Everything is still 0-0.

Messi shoots from the right inside the area;  the ball will bounce off a defender
Messi shoots from the right inside the area; the ball will bounce off a defenderMichel Euler – AP

PSG intensifies the attack. There is more dynamic. Messi ventures again on the right and with his less able leg he takes a shot that crosses the goal. Much clearer was the following action: exquisite assistance to a touch from Neymar for Mbappé, who does not adjust the definition well, it goes high.

Gueye sees Hakimi’s unmarking, which at lightning speed is projected to the right. The Moroccan reaches the void, alone, but his definition is covered with his chest in the quick exit of goalkeeper Leca.

Ideal situation: PSG recovered in the rival field and the trident comes into action. Messi hooks inside the area and shoots from the right; the ball is deflected in a defender and it remains for Mbappé, who assists Neymar as a heel. The definition of the Brazilian goes next to a post.

Messi and Neymar after the end of a play in PSG-Lens
Messi and Neymar after the end of a play in PSG-LensBERTRAND GUAY – AFP

When Pochettino arranged the scheme with three defenders, the lanes Achraf Hakimi Y Nuno Mendes they give more presence to the local midfield. One of PSG’s shortcomings during the season was their tendency to be a long team, at risk of splitting up against opposing counterattacks. With this arrangement acts more block. For now, little in attack.

As usual with the passing of the minutes, Messi centralizes his location, where he meets the double pivot Fofana-Doucoure. He will need mobility and one-touch associations to break a rival scheme that for now is firm.

More expectation than euphoria in the stands. The game started without much rhythm. Lens, who comes from three consecutive wins, is not backing down. Fofana finished off from medium distance over the crossbar. Neymar provokes a foul near the area that is not taken advantage of.

The trident connects from the inside. Neymar, Messi and Mbappé, the main person in charge of finishing the plays. His shot went over the crossbar.

The anger of the most fanatical fans of PSG does not dissipate with the incredible elimination in view of real Madrid for the round of 16 of the Champions League. We remember that the game following that failure there was whistles for Neymar and Messi. In the sector that these fans occupy in the Parc des Princes, they placed the flags upside down this afternoon, as a sign of protest. They also announce that if the team is champion, will leave the stadium with 15 minutes to go.

paris st germain will not make Ángel Di María a contract renewal proposal which expires June 30. It will end a link of seven seasons, in which Fideo reached the historical record of the club in assists. Italian media reported that Rosario’s representative agency offered him to Juventus. Di María’s career in Europe passed through Portugal (Benfica)Spain (Real Madrid)England (Manchester United) and France.

After the ailment in the left Achilles tendon that marginalized him from the away victory against Angers, this afternoon he will reappear LionelMessi, like Neymar -completed the suspension-, with which the trident will once again be conformed with Kylian Mbappe, top scorer in Ligue 1, with 23. Mauricio Pochettino, who for almost the entire season used a line of four, will place three defenders, with the presence of Sergio Ramos, with little continuity due to injuries. Angel Di Maria, who will surely be released after June 30, will be in the bank, while Leandro Paredes (pubalgia surgery) and Mauro Icardi (muscle discomfort) are not among those summoned.

Without the Argentine defender Facundo Medina, Lens (8th and with qualification aspirations for the European Cups), has the confirmed line-up.

Welcome to the live coverage of the game that Paris Saint Germain and Lens They will play in the Parc des Princes, for the 34th of Ligue 1. Mauricio Pochettino’s team is enough with one point to be champion, without having to depend on other results. It would be the eighth local crown for the French capital club in the last 10 years. And the eleventh title of league for Leo, after the 10 that he conquered in Barcelona.