Getaway: visit the peaceful town of Buenos Aires where the best milanesas in the province are cooked | Chronicle

Finished the Holy Weekand with the holiday for the Labor Day remaining immovable, Argentines will have to wait until the end of May to enjoy a long weekend during the national holidays. However, to break the tiresome routine of city life, all you need is an afternoon and a perfect destination.

If you have a weekend, or maybe just a free afternoon, and you want to disconnect from the routine with a change of scene, a getaway to a quiet town which is a few hours from the City of Buenos Aires is the ideal remedy to rest and recharge. Is about Castilea locality that is part of the party of Chacabuco.

It is a totally charming Buenos Aires town. Even though it’s small, it only has 700 inhabitants, it is totally recommended. The town is located 90 km east of the city of Chacabuco, head of the homonymous party, and about 173 km from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Perfect for a weekend getaway.

Like many other small towns in Buenos Aires that attract more and more tourists, Castilla was founded on the occasion of the arrival of the first train of the steam railway “Buenos Aires al PacĂ­fico” to the town. In the period of greatest abundance of the town, between the 1930s and 1960s, there were more than forty dairy farms in operation in Castilla that supplied two cheese factories and a dulce de leche factory. Today, it’s your peaceful environment and culinary secrets what attracts visitors to the town of Castilla.

What to do in Castilla, the small town of PBA that hides a wonderful culinary secret

The small rural paradise has an incomparable culinary offer. (Photo: Franco Lopardo)

The inhabitants of Castile consider that tranquility and security that is breathed in the town are its greatest attraction, inviting to separate from the typical insecurity of big cities. Also its landscapes, its old buildings and its closeness to nature make it a more than interesting town.

Some of its most important buildings are the Garden and Nursery, the Union Club, the Castilla Club and the Cosmopolitan Society. As you walk through the wide, tree-lined streets of Castile, old buildings stand out, a faithful reflection of times of prosperity, which give this rural town a picturesque appearance. The train tracks, the old station and the railway sheds form an inseparable part of this landscape.

The historic landscape of Castilla can be enjoyed in peace at all hours. (Photo: Franco Lopardo)

All the activities carried out in this town are related to the countryside, an activity that sustains the town’s economy and supplies its restaurants. The best place to eat is Stella’s Dining Roomwhich won the award for “The best Milanese in Buenos Aires“, According to the magazine the federal.

I have been cooking for 43 years, I am known for my milanese. The only thing I can tell you is that you have to know how to work with your hands and use noble products, there is not much science, I put breadcrumbs, egg and salt… and the meat is from Castilla“, the owner of the restaurant, who serves and cooks the renowned Milanese, told the digital media. “My parents opened it, and due to illness, I stayed. I was married for 19 years and 25 years ago we married my husband. I can’t imagine anywhere else“, he added to the federal.

Stella is the creator of the best Milanese in Buenos Aires. (Courtesy The Federal)

The restaurant the canitas it is another where the owners receive, cook and charge, but in this case a menu of typical food and the occasional drink is offered. The bar also has a long tradition The triangle, which has been in operation since 1968. Gentlemen usually meet there to talk and play the occasional card game. Finally, the rotisserie Pleasure offers minutes, pizzas, empanadas, cakes and desserts.