Getaway: the little town to enjoy tranquility, nature and excellent homemade food | Chronicle

Less and less to go next holiday and there are not a few people who started planning a whirlwind trip to disconnect from the routine without getting too far from the city. That is why a town just 10 kilometers from Luján is an ideal destination.

Is about Cortinez, although it is also known as Cortínes. Interestingly, you can still see signs where it is written with a final “s” and in others with a “z”. The confusion stems from last name of its founder, the San Juan politician Segundo José Santiago Cortínez, who appears in different writings in both forms.

The town originated at the end of the 19th century with the arrival of the railway. It was officially founded on May 23, 1888 and its honoree was a outstanding judge, national deputy and minister who collaborated in the presidencies of Bartolomé Mitre, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Nicolás Avellaneda and Julio Argentino Roca.

The train – Ferrocarril San Martín still passes, although it does not stop, and its station is a railway station and a cultural center, conserving an old windlass and a cistern. In front of the tracks, everything is concentrated on the Muñiz boulevard, full of trees.

On its sides there are several mansions, some of them converted into picturesque restaurants with outdoor tables, such as the most emblematic of the place: Don Obayca, old general store with very good snacks, homemade pasta and a well-varied grill.

It also highlights in the landscape the modern and simple chapel of Santo Cristobuilt in 1964, and a sports and children’s area located next to the tracks.

Cortez has a estimated population of 1305 inhabitants -Definitive data from the last census are still missing-. At any time of the year it is attractive to visit this small town in Buenos Aires, but in autumn it offers a warm nuance of colors in its leafy trees.

Homemade food as the main attraction

If you visit Cortínez, Don Obayca is a must. This rural restaurant stands out for its abundant and exquisite dishes. Originally, it was conceived as a general store served by Manuel Obayca from the early 20th century to 1970.

“Our public has the opportunity to enjoy dishes that refer to grandma’s kitchen. The preparation takes time because everything we offer is homemade and cut by hand. But when the people arrive, everything is ready. We serve each dish one after the other, without delay”explained John Rafanelliin dialogue with Clarín.

What is the specialty of the house? There are those who fall surrendered to the sweet and sour radish, presented in a casserole among the assortment of cold meats, cheeses and pickles from the appetizer. But others prefer the matambre, the ham and cheese sorrentinos, or the classic cuts of the roast.

“Don Obayca’s most famous dish is linked to the best memory I have of Polizzithe first country restaurant in Luján, where my father used to take me to eat when I was a child. From there, the taste of the sweet empanada was engraved on me forever,” Rafanelli said.

The fame of the restaurant skyrocketed thanks to word of mouth and it enlarged its facilities to continue receiving tourists willing to try the virtues of the sugar and meat empanada, the pasta, the picada, the roast, the homemade flan and the bread pudding with raisins.

Other attractions of the town are Tessone’s Old Grocery Store, converted into a dining room with exquisite roast meats and grilled vegetablesspecialty of the house or the farm Las Moras field with its wide green space well wooded to eat under the ash trees.

How to get to Cortinez

in autor: from Buenos Aires to Cortínez there are 77 kilometers through Acceso Oeste to Luján and route 7; at kilometer 76 turn left for 500 meters, cross the first donkey back and turn right for 800 meters.

Collective: Micro 57 Atlantis from Palermo to Luján,

Sarmiento Train: from Once to Luján with transfer in Moreno.

Bus Fabe Bus: from Obelisco to Luján

Already in Luján, buses 500 and 276 will take you to Cortínez.