Get out of the same! Learn how to prepare some delicious ‘toritos’, the stuffed chilies covered in bacon

The Mexican food It is vast, varied and almost always at a good price, although this looks bad for the influencer who said that Mexican food was of lower quality than Peruvian food. The reality is that many Mexicans do the best we can with what we have in our cupboards and the refrigerator every day and yes, we almost always seek to save money, because you know: inflation, low salaries and sometimes the extra mouths that feed.

It is no secret that many recipes Y variants of the originalshave arisen from what was within reach, sometimes by weakness and others for lackbut in the long run sometimes they like the adaptationsthat recipe from which they arose and many times they have to do with the ease with which they can cook or how accessible they are ingredients What do we need to do what we want?