from the Racing crisis to 10 wins in a row

The feeling team is Racing. The opinion is unanimous. As much as Estudiantes is the top scorer and leader of group B, the Academy achieved what few. He is undefeated, has won ten consecutive games and thus broke a streak of more than 100 years at the club. And he did it when he wasn’t in anyone’s plans. In fact, a stormy 2021 had ended, with a classification through the window to the South American Cup (on the last date) and with a highly criticized Fernando Gago.

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The question, although it hurt, was heard until the end of last year. How did a coach who lost his last six games at Aldosivi get to Racing? But Pintita swallowed hard and counted to 10. He trusted his method and made risky decisions. He benched players who were more outside than inside, he did not want some reinforcements and brought in others who were looked at sideways. He also applied a demanding program of physical care and nutrition, with weight and nutrition monitoring. He doesn’t give anything away. To nobody. And he achieved what for many was impossible. Gómez, Mura, Insúa, Piovi, Miranda, Moreno, Chancalay, Copetti and Correa, whether they are starters or substitutes, have an important role in this Racing after having a really bad time in 2021.

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together and record

The first thing the DT did was not to differentiate between starters and substitutes. Today you can see a Racing that constantly rotates players and has a base of 15 or 16 players they are fit to play without weakening performance. He did it by working every day with mixed teams and with a group that doesn’t know who will take the field until hours before the game. He risked confusing an entire squad, but he rose to the challenge and today he manages to make almost everyone feel important. First point in favor of Pintita.

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The second was to empower many players from this base who were loaded with doubts or directly with one foot out of the club for this year. The witness case is that of Lolo Miranda. He finished 2021 outside of his ideal weight, at a very low level and playing little. He even had some problems off the field. His destiny seemed written. He had linked it to Defense until he had a talk with Gago and swore to be full. In the preseason he earned a place and today he is one of the team’s stars. He went from being slow to being a plane and the heart of the team. Piovi, too. He returned from Colón to go on loan again but Pintita had a good eye and now fights inch by inch with Mena, an undisputed player.

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The players that the technician recovered

He also benched highly criticized players such as Moreno, Chancalay, Copetti and Correa. The two strikers had scored few goals and even the leadership wanted another center forward. Wanchope, Mauro Zárate sounded … The DT did not want any of them. A plenary session was played and he managed to get Tanque and Javier to fight to see who scores the most goals in 2022. And Chancalay, who even flirted with staying in Santa Fe, is also a starter. Gómez, the goalkeeper, left behind a preseason full of doubts, Gago respected his place and is also breaking it. doAnd Hannibal Moreno? A substitute who could not find his place in the team (he was neither five, nor intern) and today he became one of the best central midfielders in the countryyes

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Gago’s big eye for reinforcements

As for reinforcements, the leadership is delighted with Gago, who even settled for less than what the leadership had offered him. It is true that the deficit for now is Cardona, but all the bets went well for him. For Mura they put barely a million dollars and he is a young right back with resale power. Insúa and Hauche arrived free and performed well. Emiliano is the undisputed starter next to Sigali and the Demon, a reference, even he scored a goal against Independiente. Jonatan Gómez enters the rotation and is not out of place. He arrived on loan from Argentina and with an option of just $500,000. round.

Racing is not a coincidence. Beyond the idea of ​​the game that the coach preaches and it fit perfectly with the players, There were a lot of decisions by Fernando Gago that today bear fruit: leader of the League and South American Cup, and advancing in Argentina. That is why they want to renew his contract until Víctor Blanco finishes his term, in December 2024.