Four unmissable gastronomic options in Tandil – Flavors

By Micaela Rodriguez.
Photos: Micaela Rodriguez.

Tandil surprises. The destination that combines nature, tranquility, mountain landscapes and a substantial improvement in tourist services, also greatly improved its gastronomic offer. It maintains the pride of being the city that has one of the best salamis in the country, but it also bets on a varied culinary proposal of great price-quality.

one- land of crocuses

This imposing century-old house, located on Avenida Santamarina and San Martín, combines the flavors of the mediterranean rice with excellent care. It is estimated that more than 400,000 people have passed through this restaurant since 2009. Its walls are decorated with hundreds of photographs that show that, for artists, this is a must.

It is striking that it is Ricardo “Riki” Camgros himself – the founder of land of crocuses– who receives, along with the rest of the waiters, the guests and even brings some dishes to the table.

For him this is normal. Before founding Tierra de Azafranes, Ricardo worked in the Argentine Coast, Federal Capital, Salta, El Chaltén and Spain. But he decided to return to his homeland.

“We Tandilenses have something with our city. He always throws us belonging to Tandil. I am very proud because I feel that we were able to provide gastronomy to the city that was missing in 2009, that we have a beautiful work team and that is what gives us strength in difficult times”, says the founder of the restaurant that has become a classic .

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The specialty of the house is the risottos and, when asked what he would order if he had to sit down to eat in his own restaurant, “Riki” replied “the one with raw ham, candied tomatoes and arugula”. While he clarified that “everyone is different, although the base is the same. We also have very good fish. Today we have capacity for 150 people and that is why the offer was expanded”.

A risotto with mushrooms in Tierra de Azafranes costs 1,200 pesos, while a loin with three peppers costs 1,600 pesos. At dessert time, the Don Pedro costs 350 pesos.

2- Cheese Season

When it comes to classics, Tandil salami has the first Designation of Origin in the country for an agro-industrial food and that is why it is a great place to eat a snack. One of the favorite restaurants for this purpose is Cheese Season, a place that not only offers cheeses and sausages, but also a lot of history.

Located on the corner of 14 de Julio to 600, the history of this site begins in 1860, when the first cart post was created. In 1920 it became a general store and, from 1970 to 1990, it remained closed. Later, Teresa Inza restored it and turned it into Época de Quesos. Both the park and each wall of this mansion reflect the years of history, with different utensils, posters, photographs and crockery.

At the entrance, one finds a landscape worth admiring: a counter full of cheeses, of different sizes, but all with a captivating aroma. In addition, cold cuts and different delicatessen are sold. You can buy products to take away or sit at one of the available tables to enjoy a good snack.

The “La Tandilera” snack comes with a wide variety of cheeses and cold cuts made in Tandil and selected by Época de Quesos. Its cost is 2,800 pesos, while a cheese fondue costs 2,100.

3- Bark Sancho

Sancho bark It is located in front of the main square of Tandil and offers a gourmet gastronomy that surprises and breaks with traditional cuisine from the city. With a sober and modern design, this restaurant also stands out for its signature cocktail bar. Pasta is the specialtybut offers good meat and fish options.

In this restaurant, a plate of ravioli of grilled roast and provolone in red wine pomodoro, costs 1,290 pesos, while a lasagna of roasted vegetables and mozzarella, with Genovese pesto, costs 1,100 pesos. In the bar sector, you can get a drink “Quixote” (with lunfa vermouth, laconic gin, pineapple and grapefruit carbonate) at 590 pesos, while a “South” (Southern gin, basil, tonic, hibicus and cucumber) costs 690 pesos.

4- The grocery store

If it’s about meat, one of the best grills in Tandil is called La Pulpería and is on the way to Cerro El Centinela. This exposed brick mansion originally functioned as a grocery store and currently specializes in combining hearty dishes and good care.

Here, a full grill, free and per person, comes out 1800 pesos. A fried meat empanada for 120 pesos and a special minced of the well-completed house for 2,700 pesos. At dessert time, a homemade flan abundant with dulce de leche and cream, it costs 450 pesos.

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