For this Children’s Day, surprise your family with a homemade ketchup sauce, we give you the recipe

It’s almost here Children’s Day and we are all more than excited to celebrate the little ones, after so much confinement and care that we have experienced in recent years. Fortunately, the world has gradually returned to its cause and now there are events again, which makes us very excited extentbecause basically it is a green light by which we could feel more freedom to hold meetings and parties with care as much as possible.

And how the most of the restaurants to celebrate the Children’s Day It is possible that they are full, because the best and most pleasant thing is to celebrate the little ones at home, to take care of us all. It is also a meeting much more staff and that allows us to play with our imagination and all we can do with them kids and why not? involve them in the process! Because sometimes it is what is missing to make them more excited.