Foods that help reduce intestinal gas

It is normal that on some occasions when consuming food or drinks you may experience a feeling of fullness or swelling, in most cases caused by the gases that accumulate in the stomach.

According to the portal, gas or flatulence is generated when the stomach or intestine suffers distention from consuming foods rich in fiber, protein, gas or carbohydrates.

Likewise, it explains that some medications or the same stress can also produce gas or intestinal discomfort.

In this sense, the portal explains that there are some foods that, thanks to their properties, can help reduce that feeling of swelling and gas, although it is also recommended to chew more slowly and walk a little after each meal to improve the process. digestive.

One of the recommended foods is pumpkin. This vegetable should be consumed cooked, never raw, and has properties that facilitate the work of the digestive system.

However, according to experts, you have to be careful when consuming it because it contains high doses of sugar.

The pumpkin has another advantage and it is made up of almost 90% water which allows the stomach to do its job more easily and also minimizes the impact of symptoms of gastritis, constipation or intestinal parasites.

On the other hand, the portal recommends the consumption of ginger to reduce gas. Considered one of the superfoods, ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory which reduces intestinal swelling and stimulates digestive function.

According to the portal, it can be consumed in infusions, smoothies, juices, among other options and it is recommended to always do it before eating.

Papaya, for its part, is another food that is recommended not only for reducing flatulence but also for improving gastrointestinal function due to its high fiber content and stomach stimulation.

Similarly, papaya also helps eliminate intestinal parasites, improve blood flow and protect the human body thanks to its antioxidant function and its high content of vitamin C, E and Beta-carotene.

For its part, apple cider vinegar is also considered one of the foods that favors the elimination of gases. According to the portal, its probiotics help strengthen the intestinal flora and have better digestion.

To consume it in a better way, it is recommended to take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal, which also contributes to detoxifying the body, reducing blood pressure, eliminating bad breath and stimulating circulation.

In addition, there are a number of plants that are called “anti-gas” because their components help improve intestinal function. These are anise, fennel, cumin or coriander.

These types of plants have another benefit and that is that they can be consumed both in preparations with other foods and in infusions or even chewed alone after eating them, this will considerably improve the body.

A highly recommended fruit for the elimination of gases is the lemon. In fact, according to the portal, it is recommended to consume a glass of lemon juice before and after each meal to avoid the formation of flatulence.

Other advice given by the portal is to eat more slowly, avoid talking while eating so that more air does not enter the body, do not eat in large portions, always walk after each meal and avoid inactivity and finally, avoid tight clothing to not block the flow of internal air within the body which will inevitably contribute to gas formation in the stomach.