Foodin’, the Mexican startup that seeks to revolutionize the fast food sector

Mexico is the country with the highest consumption of junk food in Latin America with 214 kilos of ultra-processed food per capita each year, according to the Food Orientation Center (COA Nutrition). For this reason, 39% of Mexicans between the ages of 20 and 35 are overweight and obese, according to the most recent figures from the Mexican Federation of Diabetes (FMD).

Junk food is the factor behind these alarming figures; For this reason, once the home office exploded in our country as a result of the pandemic, a large part of the population tried to cook healthily and looked for simple options to be able to combine work and fast food, one of them, delivery services , like Uber Eats or Rappi. However, this type of service has a high average ticket, without considering additional expenses such as tips or even increases in rates that have occurred during the last year.

Rappi is the app of its kind with the highest average ticket, with 328 pesos; they are followed by Uber Eats, with 172 pesos; and Didi Food, with 144 pesos on average during the first half of 2021, according to data from Fintonic.

New way of eating balanced without spending time

Last year a solution to all this problem emerged, through Foodin’, a Mexican startup that seeks to revolutionize the fast food sector, bringing delicious and balanced food to the home or office.

This innovative service consists of sending fresh dishes cooked by chefs every week, reviewed and endorsed by certified nutritionists, so that they are truly balanced, preserved in a modified atmosphere to preserve the flavor for a week, and with the advantage that it is food fresh without preservatives.

With this new solution, the user can select their dishes (4, 6, 8 or 12) and receive them at the door of their house -every beginning of the week- heat them for 3 minutes and that’s it. Payment is made weekly with free shipping to wherever you want to receive the food, to the home or office, it has 30 recipes available with a change of 5 new dishes each month.

Another advantage of this service is its commitment to the environment: as it is a weekly plan, the customer can return their clean packaging to the delivery person, and Foodin’ takes care of reusing and recycling them. The film that covers the food is oxo-biodegradable. Its disintegration process is much faster and it can decompose in any environment.

This is how today you do not have to think about what to eat, do the supermarket, manage the fridge, cook or wash dishes, thanks to the new solution that arises from post-pandemic normality.

Foodin’ seeks to position itself at affordable prices to attack the fast food market

The price per dish varies between $90 and $98, with no shipping cost throughout CDMX and some areas of the metropolitan area. To really become a replacement option for junk food and delivery apps, managing to deliver balanced food, ready in 3 minutes without spending so much time and money.

As part of its expansion plan and due to high demand, Foodin’ will soon integrate various verticals, such as the possibility of ordering for the next day, a significant expansion of the available catalog and an “on the go” line to offer even more convenience to our users.

Present in CDMX for a year, they are about to reach 100,000 meals delivered and there will surely be many more, since they have had a huge impact positioning themselves as a unique option in the way of delivering fast and balanced food.

Did you know? It also has B2B service

Foodin’ has a menu specially designed for companies, to which it provides a specialized service tailored to each of its clients. You can contact them here.

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