Flavio Azzaro could not tolerate the elimination of Racing in the Argentine Cup, he grabbed it with Fernando Gago

the of Flavio Azzaro It was the most awaited word after the defeat and elimination of Racing in the Argentine Cup against Agropecuario. The communicator, a fan of the “Academy”, made a 23-minute monologue that began with a question: “What do we do with Racing?”and in the development had moments of pointing out responsibilities of this critical moment of the team of Fernando Gago.

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Flavio Azzaro’s monologue after Racing’s elimination from the Argentine Cup

-“Okay. Racing lost 2 to 1 against Agropecuario, it was left out of the Argentine Cup not even in the round of 16, right? And the most I can say at this moment is that when you don’t have a hierarchy, when you have a coach who is learning to be one, and that this does not appear with animosity, much less because he is a new technician, who had just had his first experience with Aldosivi, who he is practicing being a coach in a big club. When you have a president who does not understand that what you have is not enough for you, because you have to realize: ‘what am I for?’

“This is like in life: what am I for? And… Am I for a 2005 Corsa or a BMW? You have to know what you are for. The problem is when you think that because you won some games it’s over”.

The journalist Flavio Azzaro got into it with Fernando Gago after Racing’s elimination from the Argentine Cup after losing to Agropecuario de Carlos Casares (TN Pic).

-“Let’s not take the wrong path, boys. Do we want a real protagonist Racing or do we want to be happy because we won 11 dates ago? Slow down, guys, slow down.”

”At a climactic moment, a great team pulls it off, but not a great team. rachero. You can lose against Boca, obviously, you deserved to win and you lost. The problem is when you are left out of an Argentine Cup A-GRO-PE-CUA-RIO. The problem is when he leaves you out of a South American in the area of ​​​​River de Uruguay groups…”

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-”We knew it could happen. Perhaps it even helps us not to deceive ourselves because the president, the coach, the sports secretary, the manager… Because many don’t know it, but Racing has a sports secretary called Ruben Oscar Capria who believed that with what there is enough but no, teacher. If you don’t bring high-ranking strikers, you’re not going to be the protagonist”.

-”If you think that the problem is that ‘we are not putting it’ (nd: Gago’s argument after the game)… no, damn it, we can’t put it in… the problem is when you think it’s enough for you and they thought it was enough for them. You have to go look for hierarchy reinforcements in specific positions. If you permanently miss goals, you stay in the easiest one, as mediocre people do: a matter of luck”.

-”But if you stay out because you couldn’t score more than one goal against Melgar; if you have a soccer player like Chancalay, who needs to have four options to score one; if you have someone like Correa who always makes mistakes, when he is alone, when he is left hand in hand, when he is better off or worse… you stay out, there is not much more”.

-“It was very likely that this would happen, because When Racing won, we all looked at each other and said: the truth is that what is happening is incredible. That with this team, that with this new coach, Racing is winning, winning… And, at some point, when you don’t really build a serious team, with players who are up to the task and not miracles like Miranda, like Copetti… they are streaks Good teams are seen in complicated ones, but Agropecuario, stupid, Agropecuario!”

-”What important match did you win? You beat Independiente and I said ‘great, we won’, but in the second half, Independiente put us in a goal and Racing won by a play at the end of the match, well, you won it. You tied with River, you couldn’t beat San Lorenzo on the last date, you lost to Boca… In the summary, when you had to be a good team, you were actually a rachero”.

-“This semester you threw away the Copa Sudamericana, the Copa Argentina, you reached the semifinals with Boca, you played that cup well but you stayed halfway becauseand you have a DT who is capricious who insists with Rojas, who believed that what he had was enough for him, who continues to put Cardona, who instead of asking for a 9 thinks that Correa should be renewed… no, man, no”.

”Cardona plays like my uncle plays in the fifth. Cardona makes a fortune and is fat.

”When are we going to realize that we have a historic opportunity? Because Independent is dead. Saint Lawrence is dead. We have the historic opportunity to smack him from time to time… smack a little bit of Boca and River. In 10 years we won two championships. This for Racing is the decade won because we are better institutionally, because now we are used to the fact that we can beat Independiente. Two championships in a decade? Two championships out of 30 between the locals and the garcha cups? (sic) It is very difficult, it is not enough for us”.

-”I am not asking for Blanco to leave Racing. And if the technician leaves, who will come? Racing has 45 number 4, but you look at the bench and there are no forwards. Hauche was injured and Vecchio is there… 33 years old and in Central some already pissed him off. Now with Vecchio we are going to have a change of pace… Forget it. If Vecchio and Cardona play directly, it is a Matter of Weight and Andrea Politti plays 5”.

Flavio Azzaro’s analysis of the defeat and elimination of Racing with Agropecuario in the Argentine Cup