First fights between the contestants for food

The staunch followers of survivors They know perfectly well that one of the situations most feared by their contestants is lack of food. In fact, hunger always wreaks havoc among the inhabitants of Cayo Cochinos, to the point of generating distrust, quarrels and misunderstandings.

However, it hasn’t been released yet. Survivors 2022 and food has already become the focus of the first scuffles between the participants. In this case, Anabel Pantoja and Marta Peñate have not hesitated to scold Rubén Sánchez, bodybuilder and boyfriend of Enrique del Pozo, for his lack of camaraderie by destroying the hotel buffet hours before setting foot on the beaches of Honduras. “He is selfish!” the Robinsonas uttered.

‘Survivors 2022’: Anabel Pantoja, very angry with her classmates for the food


In the absence of just over 24 hours for Telecinco to kick off Survivors 2022the chain launched through its streaming platform, Mitele Plus, a special program with the first images of the coexistence between its contestants, where they could also see the first friction.

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In this case it has been possible to see the desperation for food, which has generated confrontations and fights. The first to jump has been Anabel Pantoja, who has not hesitated to attack her companions by going to the hotel buffet where they are staying and finding that there was nothing left. “That awful! There is no food left there”, snapped the niece of the most angry singer. “The camaraderie is conspicuous by its absence. Let’s see if you choke on the spaghetti ”, she attacked when she saw the dishes of her companions.

Before Anabel’s monumental anger, Marta Peñate approached her and asked: “Why, love, didn’t you have it?” To which Pantoja replied: “We have said to eat all at the same time and I have gone to change. My room is the first, I have not gone to change in the Congo”. After these words, Peñate turned to Rubén Sánchez to scold him for filling his plate without thinking about the rest: “You are selfish, you have two full plates and you have no consideration for your teammates. Bodybuilding must be reduced, because we are going to see each other now in survivors and of course…”.

Marta Peñate scolds Rubén Sánchez for eating a lot before the premiere of 'Survivors 2022'

Marta Peñate scolds Rubén Sánchez for eating a lot before the premiere of ‘Survivors 2022’


“For me this is eating little, huh?” Enrique del Pozo’s boyfriend replied. “But you have more companions. I am not saying it for myself, because he has given me time to fuck, but there are others who have not had time, ”Peñate scolded him. “I’ve eaten shit,” Rubén insisted. “But how are you going to say that you’ve eaten shit? Rubén, you haven’t eaten shit, ”replied the Canarian. In turn, Anabel pointed out: “The same hunger that you have to have a bigger body, I have, even if she is smaller.” And Rubén insisted: “I’m starving here.” “What did you think, that you were coming to an all-inclusive resort?” Peñate settled.

The conversation rose in tone when Enrique del Pozo’s boyfriend released a: “I eat distributed during the day. If you put it in three meals, then I have to eat. I have to look for life as an athlete that I am”. And Peñate warned: “Are we going to fight over a grain of rice? Because a grain of rice in survivorsFor me it is death. You take a grain of more and you have crossed me the whole program. I’m warning him.”

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“There we are participating,” Rubén clarified, to which the Canarian replied: “Here too. There are people here. I’m telling you, but others have to tell you too. It seems that the others do not want to manifest themselves. And to conclude, Peñate gave Rubén several disqualifications: “He is selfish, greedy and you have no consideration for your colleagues. That’s how it is”.