First deduction of points of the Argentine season

heavy hand for him Deportivo Maipu Mendoza. The last March 23, in his stadium, the Omar Higinio Sperdutti, The Crusader defeated Tristán Suárez 1-0 with a goal from Bruno Nasta at 26′ for the Seventh date of the First National.

It was all happiness but, when there was a minute left to close the first half, Cristian Correa, the Lechero goalkeeper, fell after being hit by a projectile (a flare more precisely) from the local header when he was about to take a goal kick.

José Carreras, the referee of the match, after ten minutes in vain waiting for the recovery of the 1, suspended the match and everything was left in the hands of the AFA Disciplinary Court that, this Thursday, did not hesitate…

The decision of the Disciplinary Tribunal

The Botellero, based on the Court’s decision, must pay a fine worth 300 tickets for four dates; will receive the removal of three points in the standings; In addition, he must bear the expenses caused by a new trip from Tristán Suárez to Mendoza, since the game must continue, although without an audience and on a neutral court..

The ruling of the AFA Disciplinary Court that punished Maipú.

The ruling in detail

​The report of the referee of this match, Mr. José Antonio Carreras, who relates: “At 43 minutes of the first half, when the visiting goalkeeper player No. 1, Mr. Correa Cristian Carlos (captain of his team) was about to make a goal kick, a flare was thrown at him from the local support stand, which hit his back, reason for which said player fell to the ground, once I approached him to see him, I found that he had a mark on his shirt , there I asked for medical assistance and when the visiting doctor lifted his shirt I observed on the back of said player a round mark identical to the one he had on his shirt, when he began to recover and managed to stand up, I called the local captain so that I listened and I asked the visiting player No. 1 how he was doing and he told me that he couldn’t continue because of the pain in his back and that he was agitated. Given this, both doctors decided to transfer him by ambulance to a sanatorium to verify the seriousness of his injury. Therefore, I proceeded to suspend the match due to bad behavior of the local public. I put on record that the result up to that moment was Maipú (1), Tristán Suárez (0)”.

Tristan Suarez Cristian Correa

Tristan Suarez Cristian Correa

– On March 31 last, Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza was given a view and they answered fs. 5/15 of these acted, stating among other details that: “First of all, we must state that we emphatically repudiate the event that occurred, that is, 43 minutes into the first half in the match played between our entity and Tristán Suárez, the team’s goalkeeper visitor (Cristian Correa, would have been hit in the back by an unlit flare cartridge, thrown from the popular west side of the stadium. Faced with this impact and despite the fact that the police offered the arbitration team all the guarantees for its continuation (see last paragraph of the critical report issued by the Mendoza Police Station 29), the referee suspended the game by telling him that the visiting goalkeeper could not continue. : The first is that it is an unfortunate event without precedent. It is enough to look at the history of Club Deportivo Maipú to verify that We are facing an isolated event perpetrated by a minor individual, who has already been identified and the club has prohibited and notified him access to the stadium and its facilities for life. Let us remember that not having a record is a determining fact of the decision to be taken by the Court (Art 35 and ss, 45 and ss of the RD).

Tristan Suarez's goalkeeper attacked in the match vs Maipu photo Official Press Tristan Suarez

Tristan Suarez’s goalkeeper attacked in the match vs Maipu photo Official Press Tristan Suarez

– They add that the Maipú Sports Club made itself fully available to the visiting entity, sending its own doctor to accompany the goalkeeper from the stadium to the hospital where he was treated, and that the sports director remained in permanent contact with Mr. Correa until his arrival at the airport, where he returned to Buenos Aires with the rest of the squad.- Regarding the impact of the flare, they point out that: “The West stand (from which the alleged impact came) has a wire fence eight meters long. height, therefore, in the event that Mr. Correa had been hit, the very parabola that the object must have performed to hit him in the back flatly rules out that the blow had sufficient power to cause him to fall. Going back to the mechanics of what happened, once the goalkeeper fell to the ground, the behavior assumed by the relatives and leaders of the visiting club was striking: they immediately approached the field of play to ask the field players to tell the goalkeeper to remain in the floor and said he couldn’t continue. And this was precisely what happened: as the referee’s report recounted, after receiving medical attention from both doctors when he stood up, he stated ‘that he could not continue due to the pain in his back and that he was agitated’.

The brand on Correa's shirt.  (Photo: Tristan Suarez)

The brand on Correa’s shirt. (Photo: Tristan Suarez)

– Adds Deportivo Maipú that in a statement from the program La voz del Estadio, the goalkeeper stated “If I continue playing with the pain with a burn, I am not doing anything to try to stop this.” He adds that from the soccer player’s own statement it appears that he could have continued playing but he did not do so in order to somehow send a message. In other words, knowing the sporting, economic and even organizational inconveniences that the suspension of a football match can entail, Mr. Correa decided to force the suspension of the match by taking on the role of social conscience to send a message.

This is how Correa's back was left.  (Photo: Tristan Suarez)

This is how Correa’s back was left. (Photo: Tristan Suarez)

– Lastly, they point out that in the match played between Villa San Carlos v. Cañuelas FC on 02/12/2022, a thunder bomb stunned a soccer player and prevented the continuation of the event and its continuation was arranged. That is why they point out that in this case the resumption of the meeting must also be decided.

CONSIDERING: That when the time comes to evaluate the elements of conviction attached to these acts, the responsibility of the local addicts is undoubtedly the responsibility of the local addicts, who, located behind the goal defended by the visiting goalkeeper, throw a flare at him that hits his back, causing a round mark both on his back and on his shirt, which ultimately culminates in the final suspension of the match and the transfer of the player to a health center.

– For this reason, this Court understands that a sanction of four dates of 300 tickets must be applied to Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza, as provided in Article 80 of the Regulation of Transgressions and Penalties; He removes it from three points in the standings and order the continuation of the match, in a neutral stadium designated by the H. Executive Committee, and without an audience, with Club Deportivo Maipú having to bear the expenses that this continuation causes to the visiting team .

– For all the above, the following is dictated:

RESOLUTION: 1°) A fine of 300 tickets is imposed for the term of four dates, to the Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza. Arts. 80, and 148 of the RD- 2°) The deduction of three points in the standings to Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza is arranged. Arts. 32 and 33 of the RD- 3°) It is arranged to set a new date for the continuation of this meeting, without an audience and in a neutral stadium to be designated by the H. Executive Committee of AFA Arts. 32 and 33 of the RD- 4th) It is provided that the Club Deportivo Maipú de Mendoza pays the Club Tristán Suárez, all the expenses inherent to the continuation of this meeting. Arts. 32 and 33 of the RD