Explosion in a food store in Durango left at least seven injured

Video surveillance camera 1 of the premises (VIDEO)

Diners at a snack bar in the city of Gomez Palacein Durango, experienced moments of panic after being hit by the flash of an explosion.

According to reports, the incident occurred at 08:45 a.m. this Thursday, July 21, in a “gorditas” business, located on Calle Lerdo de Tejada and the peripheral, which had two surveillance cameras who captured the moment.

In the video of little more than a minute it is observed that the clients were taking their order, when suddenly a guy came with a hoseapparently gas, and started to load a few steps from the kitchen.

seconds later, lost control of the hose, spraying the fuel until it reached a kitchen grate, generating a huge flame.

Video surveillance camera 2 of the premises (VIDEO)

The flames reached the gas distributor, local workers and some diners who could not run to protect themselves.

Those who were around the place, seeing the accident, notified the authorities through a call to the state emergency system 911.

Elements of the municipal police, firefighters and civil protection arrived at the scene to control the situation.

It was reported that at least seven people resulted in first and second degree burns in different parts of the body, so they had to be transferred to a hospital. In addition, other people filed a nervous breakdown.

Pipe involved from the company Inter Gas (Photo: special)

In this regard, the Civil Protection department of Gómez Palacio reported that the fire was not due to the state or conditions of the equipment, but was a human failure by not respecting the protocols that all workers must follow when supplying stores.

Jose Miguel Martinezhead of the unit, stated that the investigations and expert opinion of the fire are being carried out, in addition to the two videos of the premises where, he assured, it can be seen that said security protocols were not respected by the company’s workers.

In this sense, the company Inter Gas will be subject to sanctions, however, these will be defined once the investigation is concluded.

It is worth mentioning that the expertise and investigation are in charge of the FAttorney General of Justice of the State of Durangowhere the direction of Civil Protection will provide the necessary advice so that everything is carried out in good terms.

Elements of the heroic fire department arrived at the scene (Photo: special)
Elements of the heroic fire department arrived at the scene (Photo: special)

“The prosecution has already taken the corresponding experts, but we will do it together to find out what really happened and what were the flaws in the security protocols”

indicated thatand there is no estimated time to conclude the expert opinion, since that depends on the prosecution itself.

He mentioned that Civil Protection carries out actions of training for gas company personnelin addition to the internal program that is required of all companies, especially those that handle fuels.

“We always have to be in proper contact with the third party accredited, with the security people of the gas companies and we will be working together with them,” he said.


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